Ab-Soul: “Let Black Hippy Do Detox”

blame it on Shake June 27, 2014

Ab-Soul’s These Days… promo run found him on SkeeTV’s couch the other day for a sit down with our friend DJ Skee. When the topic of Black Hippy (TDE’s Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, ScHoolboy Q and Jay Rock) and their rumored album came up, Soulo came out of left field with his response. Presenting an idea that is bound to rile up the hip hop purists out there. Instead of Dr. Dre releasing his oft-delayed (never dropping) Chronic 2001 follow-up Detox, the Black Lip Pastor suggested that he let the group make use of the name instead for their upcoming LP.

“I’m trying to tell Top [Dawg] to just tell Dr. Dre to make it Detox. Let us do Detox. Wouldn’t that be crazy? Start a petition… the Black Hippy album should be Detox.”

Everything is said with a smile and a few laughs, but the idea is still pretty interesting to think about. What would you guys think if Black Hippy snatched the Detox name from the good doctro? The floor is yours…

  • Sticky

    He talked about this in an earlier interview, I think he means Detox would be mainly Black Hippy rapping and Dre on production which would be dope but I don’t think Dre has it in him anymore. He dropped like Kush and I Need a Doctor then got scared of how big of a failure it could be and went into hiding in Dr. Pepper and beats commercials

    • Moonie

      That “Topless” joint with Tip n Nas was fuego

      • espyy

        I still banging that joint, better than Kush and I need a Doctor by far.

      • Sticky

        Oh yeah I forgot about that but I don’t know think an album filled with production like that will be good enough at this point

      • leutrim

        It was also a leak

      • Stevie Janowski

        and the song “its like that” can’t remember what the artist name was but that shit was smooth

      • D. Iqqu

        It’s funny though, DJ Khalil did the production on that joint. So if we can convince that guy to do TDE beats, it’ll be the closest thing to Dre production.

    • Lego Dre

      Dre not scared he just trying a new sound, detox is well into like 300 songs, & EVERYBODY in the game contributed something , it’s just dre wants to bring something new to the table, & plus Detox is a more personal album than the Chronic Albums, & Dre is a perfectionist when comes to the studio process, to be real with ya’ll 50 dropped a couple joints that was suppose to be on detox like the trey songs single and that r kelly single from way back

      • Sticky

        Yeah I know he wants to do a new sound like he did with his previous two but I don’t know if he’ll ever be able to come up with anything that’ll satisfy his perfectionism. The bar is set way too high, anything less than a classic will be a disappointment at this point

        • marty mcfly

          Dre’s album would be classic by default cause his name is on it. The may sound crazy but its the truth though. Being that it would almost certainly be his last album and people been waiting more then a decade for it… It would be an instant classic just because.

          • Sticky

            True he could release something that’s just good and it would be a classic just off of the background of it but if he released something on par with his previous two it would take classic to a whole other level. I didn’t even think Kendrick would match the hype of gkmc and this is like that x1000

          • marty mcfly

            I dont think Kendrick matched the hype that was generated before GKMC came but since its all based on subjectivity and opinion its no way to tell somebody he didnt. On top of that, Dr Dre being involved in an album has at least a 90% probability it will sell a million copies so regardless, thats gonna give it a lot of consideration when the word classic is brought up. The hype with GKMC had me thinking that shit was gonna be Hip Hop Godzilla musically and honestly thats just not what I heard. Id put Section 80 over GKMC every time without question.

          • marty mcfly

            Not that its about Kendrick though but im just saying any music with the name Dr Dre on it, especially Detox is most likely already put in a classic space even before its released. If Dre came out today and said Detox will be released in July, people would automatically circle that date on the calendar immediately cause its Dr Dre.

          • 32gq

            Real shit section 80 is better and is more of a classic then gkmc in my eyes anyways production was better rhymes to me was better but it didn’t have the backing that gkmc had the replay value of that album is not as high

          • MusicHead

            GKMC is better, Section80 had more highlight songs but as a whole GKMC is def better, period.

      • leutrim

        Yeah, Kush was a real personal song…

  • Danny

    Shake, did you really say “An left field reference”? Jesus, man. I’m done.

  • biff tannen

    After those mediocre ass albums soul and q just dropped no one wants to hear black hippys take on detox. Just let Dre do whatever the hell he’s doing and focus on delivering better product.

    A song with black hippy and dre on the boards would be dope, but a whole album……naaaa.

    Get mad stanleys.

    • leutrim

      Most people were very happy with Oxymoron, and I don’t just mean critics, most fans I know thought his album slapped.

      • MusicHead

        FACTS.. Oxymoron fire, especially if u went into not wanting or expecting Habits & Contradictions 2.

    • aharon ellis

      Lol, i feel it.

    • Johnny Boy

      Soul’s album wasn’t mediocre.

      • biff tannen

        It was borderline wack. Lyrics were subpar and the production was bland. Oxymoron was better and that shit was average as fuck.

        • Johnny Boy

          Lyrics were subpar? The lyricism on that album was probably the biggest highlight of the album. He improved his wordplay, cadences, flows, and metaphors on that. Some of the production was a little bland but, not that much.

          I do agree that Oxymoron was average tho.

        • wait for his major album you just have a low IQ to understand his lyrics maybe?

          • biff tannen

            “Me and she sittin’ in a tree
            First comes love, then comes marriage
            Fuck that! I’m just tryna get up in your panties”

            Yea those lyrics are super complex. You’re clearly right…..

            Srsly? Smh

          • “jesus pieces aint enough, chop that lamb and paint it BLOOD before i lay me down to sleep i pray the lord my soul to keep”…yeahhh keep thinking bout it

          • biff tannen

            Lol theres nothing to think about. What’s so complex about that? I’ve heard guys like talib, lupe and mos make better double entendres. Hell the word play isn’t even clever.

            Step your hip hop game up. Stop being so easily impressed.

          • why dont you stop being such a little bitch and quit worrying bout what i like

          • biff tannen

            Lol you replied to me. Don’t get upset because what you thought was good, isnt.

            Mental midgets smh

          • but i see you replying back tho, theres always little girls like you who always want shit perfect, sorry princess this life aint for you

          • biff tannen

            So wait, you want me to leave you alone but you keep replying? Lol

          • go ahead whiteboy makes me laugh

          • biff tannen

            Whiteboy? Lol

            That’s what you’ve resorted to? Srsly?


            …im not white btw.

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          • biff tannen

            My point has been proven. Now I’m just trollin you. Shits hilarious

          • nobody laughing but you little BOY

          • biff tannen

            Good. I do this for my own entertainment.

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          • biff tannen

            U think so? Good. Keep thinking that. Just means I get to laugh at you more.

      • 32gq

        It kinda was and I’m a fan it didn’t live up to the hype soul is better then what he put out

    • McGlock

      do you have any friends bruh? or do you tell them how much you hate em too?

      • Prince Akeem

        lol wtf?

      • biff tannen

        Well, that was relevant…..

  • marty mcfly

    Sounds good but at the end of the day Black Hippy is not Dr Dre. Chronic 1 and 2 leading up to Detox is a product of the mind of Dr Dre (even though he didnt write his own raps, the lyrics are based on his life), and thats how Dre needs to go out or just not put it out at all. Black Hippy needs to stand on they own feet and build they own sound. Dr Dre already made what people expect from him and in many ways it would be the same as Dj Premier deciding to rap or something. In the aspect of, Premier has his own sound, same as Dre. Now you can take other niggas and put them over that sound but that changes the sound. People dont have to respect Dre as a rapper BUT, his voice his just another instrument just like the other sounds in his beats. His delivery of songs like The Watcher, Still Dre, The Message, Whats The Difference, Big Ego’s etc… is all a part of what makes a Dr Dre album. Either Dre puts out the album as its intended to be or dont even do it then cause its not like people are waiting for it anyway. Part of being a genius artist is the fear that most aint gonna understand the genius of the music so sometimes that music never sees the light of day but its is what it is.

    • marty mcfly

      And Black Hippy would be all over the place on a Dre album. Except for maybe Jay Rock, who actually almost sounds like a young Dr Dre but the other 3 members of Black Hippy would turn Dre’s sound into some kinda stylistic circus that it was never intended to be in the first place.

    • scoggs

      I don’t have the perfect words or parallels to demonstrate why Detox isn’t out yet but one of the main ingredients is there for Dre to make it:

      Kendrick / TDE

      The Chronic: G Funk + Snoop (Maybe 213 and other West Coast acts that cropped up)

      2001: (I don’t know what to call this musically. It’s like Expanded G-Funk + Insanely talented studio musicians / producers) + Eminem & Snoop – Now, I know Eminem isn’t heavily featured but after January 2009 Eminem / Dre was synonymous and that was big with 2001 dropping.

      I love both CD’s but to me I see Dre waiting on that next musical idea to stick with him. Something unique that he can bring, which I’m guessing is what he’s having a hard time allowing himself to do — check off on any of his work being truly new, unique, and something that’s going to revolutionize hip hop. I think I’m okay with that.

      I’m not the biggest TDE fan. I like most of their stuff and GKMC is amazing. I liked a lot on Schoolboy Q’s album. I think if Dre went with them it would probably be the best crew he could lean on. Individually he might hit the gold mine, think of Dre getting the best out of each of them over the perfect new summer music. I’m there.

      I’m sure people wanna see Dre feature other people. Underrated people, unknown people, and I know I wanna see Snoop at least a bit, again. I say it won’t come out until Dre hits on something musically unique.

      • marty mcfly

        I dont hear it from Kendrick or TDE, im sorry. Not for Dr Dre. The styles are just completely different other then maybe Jay Rock like I said earlier and I doubt Dre is looking for a new sound when his sound is the pinnacle of sound in Hip Hop. At least thats how it is viewed by most. If Dre were to go anywhere for a new kinda approach, id say he needs to get in the studio with Dilated Peoples. Now some may raise an eyebrow on that but as far as sound is concerned, there are multiple similarities in what Evidence and Babu do that are as close to what Dre would do as anybody else from LA. I mean listen to the 20/20 album from Dilated, songs like Alarm Clock music, Satellite Radio, You Cant Hide etc… Its almost like they were made to work together from not just a production standpoint but all the way around period from song structure, to lyrics as well. Im surprised that hasn’t already happened. Now there is some difference in subject matter but the sound at times is almost identical between Dre and Dilated.

  • Carter North


  • StudentOfTheGame

    I want detox as much as the next person.

    but if he doesnt release it.


    think of all those unheard dope ass verses from everyone dre as been working with since 2001. Eminem, 50, Game, Snoop, Xzibit, Hov, Nas, everone has had input on the album. and i just want to hear it all. dre said he’s never been out of the studio for more than a week. now just imagine.

  • Winning Season

    Got love for Q, Soul and the rest of TDE but…. HELL NO. i expected better for Oxymoron and These Days. The albums weren’t wack but it showed there’s a gap between K. Dot and the other members.. Shit to be real Isaiah Rashad might be the 2nd best on TDE. Cilvia Demo still in rotation

    • Kidd

      I totally agree. Musically Isaiah is moving past Q and Soul. I look forward to his career.

      • MusicHead

        Don’t speak too soon just give Isaiah one more round to say somethin like that…also u gotta remember the musical freedom for Q was limited.

        • Kidd

          I just got the feeling that isaiah got that IT factor that makes artists. Oxy was pretty good but soul let me down with These Days.

  • How ’bout you just focus on rebounding from that musical dud you just released, Soul.

  • 32gq

    Anyone ever think they only made the few songs that were released and the rest was to keep us thinking about it thus eating up anything that dr dream did?? Lol just sayin just the thought about that album has kept him relevant minus dre beats

  • AmIDickRidingyet

    I think Soul is fucking around. They’ve mentioned before that they don’t see a Black Hippy collab coming up any time soon. Making it be the Detox album seems like more of an allusion to the BH album being non-existent like Detox is. I think he’s getting tired of having to explain that Black Hippy isn’t a priority right now so Soul is having fun with it and putting it up there with Detox.

  • LOL

    Let Jay Electronica does it

    • yMs

      No…just no… he can’t even finish his OWN album

  • Ohms

    new black hippy dropping 2020

  • anon

    Dre. just got a billy off of headphones Y’all aren’t seeing quality music from him again. #hegotbetterthingstodo. #bbb

  • Rob_Watts

    A Black Hippy album with Dre Production “Only” would be dope asf… Dre’s Chronic albums both had hard beats that sounded gangsta. The new shit he came out with sounds alternative (I need a doctor & kush).. Aside from the leaks like “Coming Back”, “This is Detox” & “Topless” with Tip, and “Flashy” with snoop. I think Detox is really gonna be the shit, he had to have saved the classic bangers for the album., Game, DJ Quik all said that shit was fire. But like they say, Dre is a perfectionist and ain’t going to drop it untill he feels like he’s ready… at the end of the summer would be perfect, cuz the west is on top, thanks to TDE, DJ Mustard & YG, Nipsey Hussle, Dom Kennedy & Problem. and dre is now the first billionaire in hip hop. What more does he want?