Common Unveils ‘Nobody’s Smiling’ Tracklist

blame it on Meka June 28, 2014

Days after revealing the creative cover arts for his anticipated tenth album, Com gives us another look inside Nobody’s Smiling with the project’s tracklist for both the standard and deluxe edition. Featuring the likes of Jhené Aiko, Vine Staples, James Fauntleroy/Cocaine 80s, Big Sean, Lil Herb, Dreezy and more, check out the entire thing below.

1. The Neighborhood f. Lil Herb & Cocaine 80s
2. No Fear
3 Diamonds f. Big Sean
4. Blak Majik f. Jhené Aiko
5. Speak My Piece
6. Hustle Harder f. Snoh Aalegra & Dreezy
7. Nobody’s Smiling
8. Real f. Elijah Blake
9. Kingdom f. Vince Staples
10. Rewind That

Deluxe edition:

11. Out On Bond f. Vince Staples
12. 7 Deadly Sings
13. Young Hearts Run Free f. Cocaine 80′s

I can’t wait to hear what this sounds like on July 22nd. You can pre-order the album now.

  • Arun Gopal

    Yo he got a chiraq rapper on one of the track. Very interesting.

  • Mitch

    So what ever happened to that all No I.D. produced project he said he was going to release? Is this it? If it is, I assume the track he did with Ab-Soul and his other track called War that dropped back in February are just being left off?

    • Zak Tobes

      these are all produced by no i.d.

      • Mitch

        Alright thanks for clearing it up

  • shep

    What happen to the joint with Ab Soul?

    • Cpr196

      He realized Ab has dropped off lyrically?

      • these days thats why he aint in here kno what i mean ;)

    • Prince Akeem

      who cares

  • Thank Me

    Potential for album of the year

    • marty mcfly

      I just saw where Mickey Factz is dropping 740 Park Avenue on July 13th. Common’s album could definitely be AOTY but he gonna have some competition for sure.

      • Based Royalty

        Did the achievement ever drop? Sometimes I wish he would of sold out and signed to some garbage like MMG, just to get his name out. He could always go back underground later

    • 88

      Nah Pinata still the best album out there

      • marty mcfly

        You crazy. Pinata is a dope album but will it be thee best album of the year? I highly doubt it. Beats cant save your whole album. I know people think it does but it just doesn’t. You gotta be a dope lyricist as well. Gibbs is dope but its limits to his lyrical ability.

        • leutrim

          Gibbs is one of the best rappers out there.

          • marty mcfly

            There’s only a few DOPE ones out here. Gibbs is one of the best outta the Yo Gotti and Schoolboy Q lane but he aint getting too far passed that lyrically.

      • Arnab

        Freddie has shown what he is capable of as a rapper in Pinata. Madlib beats just made the album better. Pinata AOTY for sure.

    • Based Royalty

      Let’s be honest. ….it’s not gonna happen. It’s highly likely that kendrick, kanye, Joey badass, and I can’t believe I’m saying this but even mac miller(he’s improved drastically) will all have better albums(production alone). Common and no id are legends, but I think the only way com will ever drop another classic is if it’s produced either mostly or entirely by kanye. If u look at his work over the last 10 years….u know it’s true. I’d love to be proven wrong tho.

  • Vince Staples featuring on two songs? I like common’s taste in west coast artists

    • Chris M

      LIkely its the No I.D. connection, Vince is signed to No I.D.’s Def Jam imprint, where Common’s new album is also being released.

  • MistaMista

    I seem to enjoy shorter albums. Seem more focused. Kingdom was fire and I can’t wait!

  • Witness The Fitness
  • SpeakingHarshTruth

    Common puttin on Herb is almost as bad as Kanye with Keef.

    • Selorm Amuzu

      but herb is better than Keef by a long shot tho lol

  • Justin Blantey

    Well, I’m gonna download War & Black America and add them to my iTunes as bonus tracks when the album drops. PEace.

  • espyy

    Meeeh, Big Sean. I know it’s raising MC’s and that but… Common-Nas on no ID beat it’s always welcomed.

  • xastey

    Yo Lil Herb, this should be interesting . The rest looks dope , and Vince on two tracks.. he’s about to blow just watch.


    NO L? BIBBY? YE?

  • Stevie Janowski

    Was really hoping for an Ab Soul feature

  • North

    Highly anticipating

  • Bambi

    WOW, by the looks of the tracklist this album is gonna be fantastic. Be will never be touched but this looks interesting with the features

  • leutrim

    Common disappointed with his last album, hopefully he can get back on track.

  • Parker

    not excited off of this tracklist. big sean and lil herb?? kingdom was nice, speak my piece was eh alright, and i really liked made in black america but that was left off

  • Mohammad’sComing2GetYou

    Big on a song<3<3<3<3