• Guest

    gotta love the broken mic...

  • smh

    "you got complicated wordplay.....lots of bars"
    whaaaaaaaa.......meek.......complicated wordplay? gtfoh!
    Listen I like meek for what he his, a rapper to get you hyped....and some good party night songs. But what I don't get from him is tons of "bars" or complicated wordplay!
    Talking about ya cars or ya clothes OR YA ROLLIE (for the millionth time) isn't complicated.....its probably the thing I like LEAST about his music. It's like OKAY WE GET IT, You used to be broke and now your rich....but I don't need to know what you're wearing/driving in every verse!

    • StudentOfTheGame

      co sign

  • Juherd

    Still funny that his album's name is precisely the opposite of what he rapping bout.

    • Cam TexasBoy Perry

      yea it's wierd. it's like an album title dj khaled would come up with.

  • LS Blade Brown

    Look at the THOT in the back at 2:25 lol

  • Frank Kennedy

    I don't get these dudes. Him & Ross. What I don't get even more is their so called fans. Everytime they put out a single they have 2-3 high profile features. No one checking for their solo records. Yet they somehow big time rappers. When Drake drops a single does anyone check for a feature? When Kendrick drops a single does anyone expect a feature? When Ye drops a single do people hope for a remix with a 100 other guys? Nah. They drop shit and other people remix their shit. Guys like Ross and meek... Idk about them. Don't know what kind of people listen to their music either. Smh

    • Samy Merabet

      i think people just like rick ross for some of his songs and not his whole discography i cant see myself enjoying a whole ross album

  • Prince Akeem

    complicated wordplay? lol this bitch is officially an ass kisser holy shit.