Listen to TDE President Punch’s “Untitled”

blame it on Shake June 28, 2014

Long time fans of Top Dawg Entertainment know that the president, Terrence “Punch” Henderson, has been known to share a slick 16 with each member of Black Hippy (most notably for me, “Blow the Horns” with Kendrick). Today, we’re hit with an untitled track that features the Pres. holding it down by himself.

Punch also contributed additional vocals to “Dub Sac” off Ab-Soul’s new album These Days….

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  • someguy

    it would be so dope if a punch mixtape was one of those 6 things coming from tde this year.

    • veesky

      But K. Dot fans would hate it because we all know that Jay Rock should be one of those. He’s been patiently waiting in the wings

      • Tino

        That Rock project is gonna be DOPE!

  • disqus_TYoemCNbYj

    Better than soul

  • How many fucking people are in TDE?? Goddamn! LOL

    • Cam TexasBoy Perry

      punch is the president lol

    • grooviest q

      not that many, six recording artists…compare it to CTE or Young Money or Shady Records or GOOD Music or A$AP Mob, not that many.

  • AndOneill

    Always has dope ass features!! Verse on dub sac was on point as always!

  • AndOneill

    Always has dope ass features!! Verse on dub sac was on point as always!

  • Arun Gopal

    I guess you could call him the “Top Dog” of TDE. hahahaahahahah…alright im done.

  • JML-G

    wasnt TDE president alias actually Top Dawg?!

    • deeznuts

      it is

    • someguy

      top dawg is ceo. punch is president.

  • Tekwon

    That’s not the same dude as Punch from Punchline & Wordsworth is it?

    • Enjoyer of Music

      Lol. Nah

  • Carter North


  • Cpr196

    It would be hype if Punch had some tracks(and/or features) on the Black Hippy project.

  • james

    This is ill.

    • james

      Further thoughts:

      This is very concisely crafted writing.

  • Johnny Boy

    Punch was always ill. First time I heard him was on Kendrick’s C4 mixtape back in 2009.

  • xastey

    Yo this is pretty dope, who knew he could flow. Got a laid back vibe.

    • James Stanford

      you late af

    • Fuck All Y’all

      Kendrick & Rock aside, Punch has always been one of the most consistent rappers out that camp. Peep his features on their project, I don’t think he has a bad verse on any of those features dating back to Kendrick & Rocks No Sleep Til NYC tape.

  • Willmatic

    Punch’s name definitely fits the beat. Cause this joint PUNCHES INDEED!



  • soulonice_

    Hes been on almost all of their projects that I can recall except H&C, GKMC,
    Cilvia Demo, and Oxy.

  • Lodidodida

    “I had an ideal of caressing the steel to make karma cum quicker than she normally will” -Punch

  • dahlr

    That Atmosphere/Rhymesayers reference was unexpected but 2dope

  • Shawn

    i like TDE, i don’t love them. not that big a fan but this is some of the tightest shit to come from their camp in a while, it’s always the shit you wouldn’t expect. Jay Rock is highly underrated tho btw.

  • Gabriel Reed

    he takes me back to when i use to bump Little Brother in middle school