• http://www.soundcloud.com/adipre13 Adi Pre

    Real smooth mayne.

  • AirMagicMamba

    Dope Speed is one of my favorite 9th beats ever Rip

    • AndOneill

      One of my favourite beats ever made!! From a classic album

  • SaltineCracker

    "awww i see now". never realized that was a bobby womack sample, dope.

    • http://www.harleymac.com Harley Mac


  • Deejhay Daz-One

    See this is how ILL and timeless Bobby Womack's music was. Speed was the first ever Little Brother song I ever heard and its hands down still my favorite one. Thank you Bobby Womack (rest in power) - 9th Wonder - Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh (can we please get a little brother song/album SOMETHING)

  • @ScHoolboyTom twitter

    9th Wonder is one of the most awesome producers who ever graced the Hip-Hop culture, the guy has so much soul and passion and you can really feel it in his expression of art.