Beyoncé & JAY Z Perform "Partition" Remix At 2014 BET Awards


Although they weren't actually in attendance at the 2014 BET Awards, Bey & JAY somehow teleported their performance of "Partition" Remix. A little wack if you ask me, as I'm sure most fans would have rather watched a live performance. Some folks pointed out that the video shown was from the opening of their On the Run tour show last Monday. But I digress.

If you haven't caught most of the performances, you check them out here and check for Lil Wayne's performance of "Krazy" and "Believe Me" here.

UPDATE: The video has since been removed, but you can still hear the audio below.

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  • Pac back
    • I run Zamunda!

      You think you can get the truth about the Illuminati from Youtube Buahahahaha...

      • Pac back

        How would you know when people like you worship these celebs

        • I run Zamunda!

          I definitely do not worship these celebs. I also believe half of what I see and none of what I hear when it comes from entertainment or Illiminati Youtube videos... LOL

    • GTFOH!

      So let me get this right: every dumb ass without a high school diploma and internet access knows about this "secrecy" society but can't seem to figure a way out of poverty? You sir, are a fuckin' moron!! A FUCKIN' IDIOT ASS FUCK WHO NEEDS TO FEEL LIKE YOU MATTER IN A WORLD THAT DOESN'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT UR LOSER ASS!!!

      • I run Zamunda!


  • Cpr196

    Its kinda funny how Beyonce has songs talking about over-sexuality in society, and females having roles in our society centric on sexuality, then makes a song saying "I just wanna be the girl you like". I know that's her career and all, but I feel like she could really make it with heady females anthems, al la Flawless(I Woke Up Like This!). I don't mean to hate, just kinda sucks someone with as much pull as Beyonce can't make smart music.

    • Selorm Amuzu

      Last I check didn't she make tunes promoting female independence and empowerment with female anthems in the past (run the world ?) and other smart songs (she did have a song in regards to her being a mother ?)

      • Cpr196

        Yeah but that means nothing when you contradict yourself with most of your album.

        • Selorm Amuzu

          Artists are full of contradictions, this is the same woman who would make a song about a powerful woman then make one of a heartbroken one..... another example is 2PAC ( BTW I'm no way a Beyonce fan but I do see enough to disagree with your comment)




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