Chris Brown – New Flame f. Usher & Rick Ross

blame it on JES7 June 29, 2014

After performing at the 2014 BET Awards, Breezy premieres a brand new song titled “New Flame” featuring Usher & Rick Ross. The song originally leaked back in March, sans Usher. Listen to the official leak below.

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  • Arun Gopal

    I can tell this song is gonna grow on me, and this is about to be EVERYWHERE.

  • That Happy Nigga

    chris brown is the new 2pac? yes we can tell, he one of the realest

    great song, sounds dope, more mature than ever

  • Dominic Guglielmo

    This song leaked a while back minus Usher verse & vocals. Usher puts a good touch on it.

  • SupaTron3000

    Chris Brown is probably the most consistent R&B singer, as of late. He’s really been dropping heat rocks for the past few years. Say what you will about his personal life, but, aside from that, no one can deny his talent to create quality music.

  • Freshsup

    I don’t even get down to Breezy’s music but this one is tough. Diggin this

  • dahlr


  • FireMadeFlesh

    I may be in the minority, but I don’t get the “next Tupac” comparison. You cut on any mainstream radio station & you can hear the exact same lyrics in every other R&B song: “rub this,” “touch that,” “in the club,” “my girl is betta than your girl,” etc. How is Chris elevating the game beyond what we’ve been given lyrically by most (if not all) R&B acts of the last twenty years? I’m not hating on the dude, I’m seriously asking.

    • i honestly dont agree with it either, but if i had to put my feet in the shoes of someone who did, i’d probably say something like “his talent in combination with his staying power in the industry (ability to stay relevant) in the middle of multiple musical beef and *cough cough* other various negative controversies.”

      • as far as originality goes, i’m pretty much at a loss for words on that subject… i guess breezy just has a dope-ass management team that gets him radio spins whether his musical content deserves em or not lol. BUT you can’t deny his beats bang and he sings well on em

        • FireMadeFlesh

          Oh, so there’s a psychosis involved. Got it. Thanks, Sterling. lol

    • Luke Foord

      I thought he was talking in terms of fame, not lyrical content.

      • FireMadeFlesh

        Please elaborate because if someone is equating him to the “next Tupac,” Tupac didn’t rest on fame alone. Reality TV stars have fame. Tupac had the obvious club bangers, but he didn’t just coast on that. He was remarkably introspective to the point where most of his content is philosophical; which set him a part from a lot of the other trash talkin’ emcees of his day. It’s the reason why his body of work remains relevant nearly twenty after his death & will likely remain that way after most of us have left this planet.

        The stuff Chris Brown has given us is so superficial & what’s typical of today’s R&B acts. He’s so “of the moment” that when people are nostalgically looking back at the music of the 00’s/00teens, I believe he’ll get lumped together with the others who’re offering the same thing. To me, he’s no better than Justin Bieber; whatever talent he has is so often overshadowed by his inability to 1) Stay out of trouble & 2) Go beyond what’s expected of him as an artist. Pac had his hangups, but his artistry surpassed what was expected of a “rapper” at that time. So forgive me if I don’t get the comparison. Fame or not.

  • Goldberg brian

    I don’t see the point of putting Usher on here, all he did was repeat Chris part

    The first version is much better imo but still a dope ass song


    Can someone make that hashtag memetic?

  • DIesel

    I couldn’t finish this track and somehow I think I’ll still sleep just fine tonight