• Cam TexasBoy Perry

    he has to be trolling. like there is no way he can be serious right now.

  • Stevie Janowski

    Jermaine Dupri has been irrelevant since Em and Dre destroyed him on Say What You Say

  • muk

    fckn prick

  • indiana85

    What! more famous? I really hate when people just get on a open forum & shit out the mouth smh he most want Chris Brown to help rebuild his fallen career this is an absurd comment by JD smh

  • thatrandomguy


  • biff tannen

    You lost my interest @jermaine dupri thinks.......... or "jermanine dupri" as u guys call him.....



  • fonzo517

    lmao when I see chris brown now all I think of is pretty boy flizzy from that boondocks episode lol

  • Deejhay Daz-One

    For someone who was one of the background dancers for Whodini, For someone who's part of the golden era of hip hop and for someone who started a label blessed enough to see 20 years with acts like Da Brat - Kris Kross plus launching the careers of Usher and Mariah Carey I'm shocked that Jermaine is saying Chris will be more famous than Tupac. I'm not saying Chris won't be a famous household name (he already is that) BUT I'm really not understanding how he can more famous Than Pac. I don't think they'll be talking bout Chris 10 to 15 years from now like they have Pac (just my opinion)

  • http://thegoodbreed.com AshtonGLD

    He'd be more famous only from social media, not social impact.

  • Jay Daniels

    You all know Chris Brown is more famous than Tupac already right???? Are you even serious?

  • Jay Daniels

    Chris Brown, Rihanna, Beyonce, Eminem, Jay Z, Kanye West, Justin BIeber, One Direction, Oprah, Obama.... Everyones more famous than Tupac bruh don't be stupid... Fame is about how many people in the world know you... The world is a lot bigger than pac and biggie...