• Trevor Ghanie

    Isnt Speak My Piece part of the original track list? How is this an Itunes exclusive?

    • espyy

      He means that when you pre-order the CD you will get the .mp3 of the song.

  • who cares

    I was loving the sample until the beat came in. Lyrically it's not terrible, but Common is capable of better. Disappointing.

  • Nate Fisher

    "Vine" Staples huh?....never hear of him.

    • 2DBZ

      Never heard of a typo either I take it?

      • Nate Fisher

        Never heard of professionalism I take it?

        • DIesel

          what's your profession?

          • Nate Fisher


  • Tone


  • That Happy Nigga


  • cam


  • Pizza Steve