DJ Khaled To Launch Headphone Line

blame it on Shake June 30, 2014

While he continues to work on his next album I Changed A Lot, DJ Khaled has officially joined the headphone game. Taking to his Instagram (which is now littered with promo shots) earlier today, the “They Don’t Love You Know More” orchestrator announced that he has partnered with Bang & Olufsen to create his own line of premium headphones, simply called We the Best Sound.

Today I am proud to announce that I have partnered with Heads Audio & Bang Olufsen to create the best audio in the market place, We The Best Sound. We The Best Sound represents the very best in audio entertainment. Alongside the prestigious Bang Olufsen brand, We The Best Sound and Heads Audio will provide the listener with the highest quality sound in electronic audio entertainment and will continue to carry on the tradition in excellence set by Bang Olufsen. It will also provide the listener a chance to hear audio the way I hear it when creating my music. I take pride in crafting a sound based on time, care and most importantly the best quality sound on the planet. Embark on this journey in sound with me…you won’t be disappointed. We The Best Sound, the brand you can trust.

This of course comes after Dr. Dre and Beats sold to Apple for a massive three billion dollar deal.

  • Danny

    God dammit.

  • Tone


  • Guest


  • MDM213

  • thatrandomguy

    The actual LOOK of the headphones are cool imo, but Khaled is involved, so…..pass.

  • Id give the SMS brand(50 Cent) a try before Khaled … his association alone killed any and all hope for that brand … #simple

  • OGBobbyJohnson

    Fuck Khaled

  • LaFlame

    Not sure these deserve the hate they’re getting he partnered with B&O which is a good audio brand

    • North

      Then B&O done fucked up by associating their brand with a clown like DJ Khaled.

  • Ohms

    what a HORRIBLE fucking name. so annoying.

  • Uptown Stunna

    aint nobody buying them shits. If niggas didnt buy SMS by 50 what makes dude think that they finna buy these lame ass headphones with this even lamer ass nigga endorsing them. plus that scratching at the end of was horrible…he aint no real dj

  • Mt

    What you hatin ass niggas fail to understand is that these are better than other endorsed headphones. B&O is a well regarded brand. Good move Khaled.



  • $nicka


  • someguy

    if i put the headphones on will i just hear him screaming at me the whole time?

  • its quarter to one in the a.m. where i’m at right now, and the fam’s sleeping in three diff rooms all around me, but i just completely died laughing at all the reactions of the c-section just now LMAO!

    its funny because B&O has been making top-notch quality headphones for just as long as Monster’s been making Beats (and B&O sound quality is arguably better) but i can tell no one this side of the Def Jam offices has a spare flying fuck to give about this nigga or anything he’s associated with anymore lol!

  • Nuance

    I’m assuming they just have his name and he uses components from Dre Beats, 50 Cents Street headphones, Ludacris’ Souls and more?

  • rawlyphik

    my fuckin god! this camel jockey is dick ridding Dre? this lame ass clown cant and wont compare to BEATS headphones even if they do sound better. Beats arent the best sounding headphones but they are a staple in the game and cornered the market hands down. Khaleds cock nosed snatch face needs to buy a ticket to saudi arabia and get the fuck outta here with his shitty beats and music. By the way i cant stand this fuckin fat fuck and hearing his fagat ass name on every track he makes like its the fucking 90’s. hes just bitting dj clue and every other dj who screams their name on tracks they dont even rap on. eat a dick khaled and shove those god damn headphones up your grand canyon ass you fat bitch! now good night


    Its the craziest thing, it just shows you how much marketing is just essential nowadays in this age of transparency. People have to buy into the person as well as the brand/product.

    The headphones might be better but the marketing, branding and association cheapens the actual product and puts its on a flea market level completely. I live in miami so ive seen plenty of cheap/bootlegged/ poorish 3rd world products…it has the same feel

    someone said you’ll find this in your local CVS by the end of this year LOL

    Like come on, heads audio????!! Really?? That picture above reminds me of that old ass advertisment poster you saw at an old barbershop from the 90s. Only cats from the hood know what I mean, those posters the barber NEVER bothered to take down.

  • espyy

    Another thing that he puts his name and he didn’t do it. hahah

  • Dave

    We The Besttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • PatrickBateman

    From Wyclef bodyguard in Shottas to this. Anyone can make it I guess

  • Mac Dre

    First Dre, then Luda, then 50, then everyone else got endorsed by Skull Candy or Monster, now this? Talk about market over saturation.

  • Jay

    Go away!

  • L’Eau-Hic.

    Cool, an other pair of overpriced, over-bassed headphones.

  • Jojoba

    this headphone spots been done blown up already… move on to the next thing. Heard they do have a new Kanye verse on them though so guess ill have to peep it

  • drunkbear

    I’m very curious why in the name a reputable audio company like Bang & Olufsen would want anything to do with DJ Khaled. I wouldn’t touch that fool with a 50-ft pole. Get the fuck away from me man….

  • Darkness

    The Headphones might be better but the “Streets” don’t respect Khaled. They find him annoying, fake, and stupid all rolled into one. This has been a PR nightmare on every sight that has posted this announcement.