Jeezy – Seen It All f. JAY Z (prod. Cardo)

blame it on Shake June 30, 2014

After providing us with a September 2nd release date for his fifth solo studio album Seen It All earlier today, Jeezy wastes no time letting loose new music. Linking back up with JAY Z, the two ride out over some Cardo production on “Seen It All.” Hear it below and cop on iTunes.

  • NoriBeats

    Jay still fresh!!

    • That Happy Nigga

      Fly Union Jerreau See It All >>> this bullshit

  • smh

    Beat is FIRE…..Jeezy was aiight n Jay was….well Jay was Jay!
    Def putting this in rotation in the whip!!

  • Goldberg brian

    I bet he named his album that b/c Jay was featured on the song

    but anyway im not a Jay fan at all but that “Nicks” line was dope as hell

  • Pac back
    • GTFOH!

      You sir… are a dick rider. Get the fuck off of Youtube and get a quality education so you won’t sound like the drain on society you seem to be. If you don’t know the difference between paying homage and copying, then maybe that’s why your dumb ass conspiracy theory self thinks this is some next shit. I could run off thousands… thousands of Jay lines that are incredibly original yet you would still hold on to this. DUMB FUCK!

      • LordMaximus

        your reply is on full blown dick-riding mode

        • GTFOH!

          Said the nigga with the gay porn name.
          If you’re co signing that idiot with his Jay Z conspiracy, you’re a fuckin idiot too. Dick ride to that…

  • Ben Piffy Jr

    Any Hov verse post Magna Carta > Magna Carta.

    • marty mcfly

      This is the Jay Z people want though, you could practically smell the cocaine in the air from this verse but even when he gives people want they say they want its always a problem. Jay – “You knew I was finna blow like a meth lab”… Bars

      • PV

        I knew yo ass was coming marty lol. a new jigga joint is like the bat symbol for you. It’s all love tho he bodied this

        • marty mcfly

          LOL, I think on the last two joints featuring Hov, I just said DOPE but this is real shit though. Im really not into the beat that much but its cool.

          • OGBobbyJohnson


          • marty mcfly

            The larger point (b4 it was even brought up) was alot of people always talking about how Jay used to sound (hence the coke reference), so hearing this song is like a flashback but honestly I dont think Jay should ever go backwards as an artist cause that to me is devolving. Jay should never sound like the album he just did imo, it should always be new Jayz because over the years he has actually pulled the reinvention of himself off over and over again. Its good to go back SOMETIMES… but not too much.

        • datbul

          “bat symbol”. ahahhaahahhahahahaha.

    • HerringKingOfArt

      I disagree, Hov had some nice ass verses on Magna Carta, people just don’t wanna listen; it’s easier to hate.

    • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

      I think he respects jeezy a lot more than some of these other corny ass rappers out here who get throwaway freestyles from jays cutting room floor

  • stay_blunted_sd

    That beat is too ill.
    All brought their A game

  • Ohms

    Wish jay-z would stop rapping already. Fuck.

    • PV

      wish you would just shut the fuck up and enjoy the show

      • Ohms

        I am enjoying the show but I STILL wish jay-z would shut his old ass up already. fuck x2

        • DIesel

          you missed the part about shutting the fuck up..

          • datbul


          • Ohms

            Nahhh don’t think I missed it.

    • Tino

      The fuck?? did u hear that verse? Fuck you.

      • Ohms

        heard better from him.

  • J Wes

    Good shit

  • areal1

    Snowmans back damn

  • Guest

    well god damn!

  • biff tannen

    Dope verse by Jay for a change

  • SonSon

    Jeezy made sure his first drop in forever was his biggest, a track featuring hov lol The actual music is pretty dope too, good for him.

    • Moonie

      He dropped one before this.. Not memorable at all

      • SonSon

        this’ll make most folks forget lol



  • disqus_Odp3HpVOoh
  • Trizzy

    This shit sounds like “N****s at the Renaissance Fair”
    I dig it tho

  • quas

    damn no wonder wiz is complete shit now without cardo and his beats

  • Motion Fiction Media

    This is tuff.

  • Starks

    Hov stays telling people why he’s the GOAT.

  • OH SHIT!!!!!!!!

  • CockBoy

    This track smells like jeezy’s unwashed dirty ass from 03

  • Jay Daniels

    What I wanna know is why do people like Jeezy and Ross get all the Jay verses. Surely he could lend some verses to some of the newer cats he’s praised, why not pop up on Souls album.

    • espyy

      Maybe he likes to work with Ross and Jeezy…

      • Jay Daniels

        Perhaps. I can’t lie they do seem to have chemistry. This beat. GOOD LAWD.

        • espyy

          Iep, Jeezy-Jay and Ross-Jay came always with dope records, except maybe 3 kings (I didnt enjoy it)

          • Brandon Bryant

            Jezzy & Ross are Cash Cows…and Ross actually is a cow

    • HerringKingOfArt

      Hov signed Ross and Jeezy to Def Jam, and Jeezy is also managed by Roc Nation now.

      • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

        yeh a jay verse was pretty much part of the deal

  • feetslaflare

    Jeezy snapped.

  • Dave

    Jay fell off hard man….

    Said no one.

  • TheCatalyst

    This is the first Jay verse I’ve liked in a LONG time.

  • MartinShitHellaBandz

    Breaking bad reference was ill!

  • MusicHead

    This nigga Jay snapped tho. His flow & the content. and nigga this beat ridiculous ..nigga Cardo been killin shit.

  • random baller

    This shit deserves a Hype Williams video..real crispy like…#realshit

  • Cardo absolutely killed the beat

  • KB Smoka

    Shouts to Shake for taking that hyphen out of Jay Z

    • 2DBZ

      took me awhile huh? haha.

  • Nate

    They did their things on it, nice beat but I would’ve slaughtered this even more so though.

  • stevie

    god this track needs stevie j and its set

  • “D.Derek” Jean Claude

    My Group is releasing Something Special on The 14th of This month. Its different, its real, it connects. (Feedback Please)

  • ✡I Rîze✡

    Jay’s verse is mixed queerly but that can’t stop it from being flames

  • Def was feelin Hovs flow on this track … Cardo on the beat tho?!?! #salute Didn’t see that coming at ALL! #simple

  • Tony Ribeiro

    I can’t even imagine Jay-Z’s process for making music. Shit is just impeccable, no half-assing still at this age

  • Jigga flexes oh so well

  • Pizza Steve

    This shit is crazy!