Stream Robin Thicke's 'Paula' Album


The simp album of the decade will land in stores tomorrow (July 1st), but fans can listen to Robin Thicke's new album today - powered by the sad boys singles "Get Her Back" and "You're My Fantasy" - below.

Hey, Paula? My body is always ready for you.


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  • Heard this trash yesterday, smh this joint is sure to flop lol

  • Guest

    This is so soulful wow. Sure it hurts to see a grown man in an Aubrey type state, completely under the spell of the pussy. But this is grown folk music. Love it

    • Guest

      but this tippy toes joint is straight ass cheeks

  • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

    This Mulatta has this White boy sweatin, the pussy must be good. Only niggas I have seen simpin hard like that was Dark skinned niggas, over a basic White bitch wit no ass (Miley). This Simpin&B bs is trash like he has always been LOL!

  • DC King Of Hearts

    Can we talk about how Meka don't give a solitary confined fuck about Robin's album but only wants that ambrosia that is Paula Patton's pussy? LOL

  • lar$

    lmao these song titles tho