Vinny Cha$e – H2O f. Stalley

blame it on Meka June 30, 2014

As the title suggests, New York and Ohio connect as the Cheers Club frontman teams up with the MMG’s blue collar spitter. Vinny’s Ultrasound will drop soon.

  • Mac Dre

    Stalley is the man.

  • Dave

    This is a dope collab. Suprised both of these guys aint make it to the forefront yet. Both make really good music.

  • BrainiacBeats

    Track produced by me, Brainiac Beats aka El Cerebro, also on the hook melody.


      The thirst is severe.

      • Troy Terry

        nigga you a hater who hasn’t put any creation out in the universe stfu

        • CNTRSTXX

          Nah not hating, the beat’s good, this dude’s just thirsty LOL I point it out how it is.

          • Troy Terry

            you’re not very intelligent if you think it’s thirsty to say you produced a track especially when you weren’t credited. Throw your keyboard away bruh.

    • NoWuff

      That’s a cold beat