• Mac Dre

    Stalley is the man.

  • Dave

    This is a dope collab. Suprised both of these guys aint make it to the forefront yet. Both make really good music.

  • BrainiacBeats

    Track produced by me, Brainiac Beats aka El Cerebro, also on the hook melody.


      The thirst is severe.

      • Troy Terry

        nigga you a hater who hasn't put any creation out in the universe stfu

        • CNTRSTXX

          Nah not hating, the beat's good, this dude's just thirsty LOL I point it out how it is.

          • Troy Terry

            you're not very intelligent if you think it's thirsty to say you produced a track especially when you weren't credited. Throw your keyboard away bruh.

    • NoWuff

      That's a cold beat