Young Thug, A$AP Ferg & Freddie Gibbs – Old English

blame it on Illy June 30, 2014

As weird as it may look on paper, Young Thug, A$AP Ferg and Freddie Gibbs’s “Old English” is a hard-hitting banger that is sure to get multiple spins around these parts. Produced by Salva and Nick Hook, the track acts as the lead single off the upcoming Mass Appeal Compilation Vol. 1, due out September 2nd.

Mass Appeal Compilation Vol. I will include a collection of energetic street bangers and head-bobbing vibes from artists in the Mass Appeal extended family like Pusha T, Juicy J, Pimp C, YG, Mac Miller, as well as our label’s own up-and-coming artists like Boldy James, Fashawn, Bishop Nehru and more.

Take a listen to “Old English” below and cop on iTunes if you see fit.

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  • Arun Gopal

    Great ready for people to say Freddie Gibbs is selling out…SMH

    • padawan_killah

      is young thug the justin beiber of rap now?

  • bodiddlywiddly

    First song with young thug that I can actually bump to….. Gibbs killing shit as usual biiaaatch

  • BathSaltZ0mbie .
    • TheRealPaperKut

      You realize Ferg isn’t in that, right?

      • BathSaltZ0mbie .

        Yes but doesn’t change dude is hella fruity acting. He wears dresses and claims they are long shirts thatnare high fashion…

        • CockBoy

          thats rocky not ferg u fruit

        • AmIDickRidingyet

          I think you got the wrong guy bruh.


      With all the energy people focus on gays we could have built a time machine by now.

    • Geoffrey Kenneth

      how’s life in medieval times bro?

  • Tino

    Gangsta Gibbs Hoe!!

  • Dave

    This go hard but Young Thug still is madd suspect.

    • Joe Dirt

      he gay. nothing suspect. dude is straight faggot

    • Ghost Of Len Bias

      I mean Sam Smith is more than suspect, he’s red-handed guilty, and his music is still hard. Grow up homie.

      • Dave

        Who the hell is Sam Smith tho?

        • Ghost Of Len Bias

          Frank Ocean but white, even more gay, and even better music. Super hard. Pause.

          • It’s True Sorry

            This nigga gay^^^

          • Joe Kerr

            Better than Lonnie? Nah fam….. I can’t agree…….

    • Geoffrey Kenneth

      obsessing about another man’s sexuality is madd suspect

  • jiggajiggathatniggajigga

    Yall know Gibbs aint gettin on no bullshit

  • Soon as I seen #GangstaGibbs on the track I had to give this a courtesy listen off the strength … And it gets the stamp … I do my best to keep the personal away from the music and with that said YoungThug is killin the game right now … he didn’t do bad on this at all … #sidebar and he did justice on that Tip track as well … and like the homie up top said Rocky wears the longtshirts/dresses however you go about it, lol I don’t think Ferg dresses the same for what its worth

    • Ted

      Word. That song with tip is dope as hell

  • J.

    This song would be a million times better if it was all Gibbs

    • AmIDickRidingyet

      nah, Thug brought the bounce like usual. This was a weird match up but these three guys got some of the better flows in the new school

  • Moonie

    Wheww, Gangsta Gibbs!! Def a good look for him

  • Mac Dre

    So Freddie Gibbs is gonna talk about Lil B and his “Im Gay” album, but get on a track with YOUNG THUG?! Gtfoh.

  • Dat nigga

    lol and this is why nerds are nerds and should have no say so in rap music. niggaz be shittin on the gangster rappers. all EXCEPT gibbs lol. he the “only one real and make good music”. then you get this here.

    and you get all the dickriding here and sayin young thug is good on THIS song. only THIS song. not all the other songs he been making for years to get him to this point that YOU know who he is and one of the hottest new niggaz. not any of THOSE songs. just this one. this one with gibbs lol.

    2dopeboys and 2dopeboys commenters loose all credibility, as a blog site. *kanyevoice

    • erik


      • Dat nigga

        my bad. still not changing tho. point got across.

  • Alex

    This Nas’s label right?

  • Doc Ock

    thug best rapper currently rapping. aint even close

    • JustaDude

      you know him personally?

      • Doc Ock

        na we aint even close

  • Trizzy

    People got tired of Ferg real quick he snapped on this though, weirdo flow and all. Obviously Freddie stole the show as I knew he would #giveusEastsideSlim


    These men will get all on gibbs’ dick and then call thugger a faggot. #irony. Stop focusing your energy on what other men do with their time.

    • Trizzy




  • Guest

    “what? Freddie Gibbs a sellout! Schoolboy working wit 2 chainz? sellout..rick ross working with Rick ross? sellout..” never got this logic, never will…

  • Ohms


  • kyle newsferd

    This is hip hop. Dope shit, hip hop started from the streets and attitude. Y’all mistake lyricism for hip hop. But most lyricist can’t make something that sound this dope

  • MistahPopo

    young thug’s verse >> gibbs’ >> ferg’s

  • Mikey Menefee

    gibbs versatile as hell for hopping on this

  • Mez D

    Young Thug is the shit (he might be gay but the music is too dope to overlook lol)
    Gibbs murked it of course.

  • Bil AL

    my respect for freddie just went down by 50 percent.

  • Bernard

    Ferg’s only good on his own shit.