• Arun Gopal

    I love how they describe what they are wearing lol

  • Runkel

    i'm gettin tired of this fashion bs

    • DIesel

      gtfoh bruh this is a good break from drugs guns hoes and bullshit. It's about time hiphop shows its class

      • http://crvck.com ONMY88SHiT

        They obviously got styled by GQ though cause hip hop fashion is terrible..

        And "Instagram all-star"? That shit made me cringe so hard.

        • DIesel

          Hip hop fashion WAS terrible. Rappers like Kanye and rocky changing that.

          And what's wrong w Instagram-fame?

      • NYCityKid

        "Dog wtf happen to so and so, where did they go? They too worried bout bitches and fashion, they go missin in action" I always believed this line was about Rocky

        • DIesel

          Me too, They're probably cool though still

    • YeDaTruth

      It's GQ, what do you expect??

  • Quasi.OG

    Cam has been rapping about Harkem since he spit on Big L's album but niggas never do their research I guess.

  • Quasi.OG

    This is cool tho I guess