CyHi The Prynce – Huey (Remix) f. Royce Da 5’9″ & Joell Ortiz

blame it on Meka July 2, 2014

One of the many highlights from Cyhi’s criminally slept-on Black Hystori Project gets a Shady upgrade from a pair of the fiercest spitters out.

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  • bodiddlywiddly

    Not sure if royce and joel were the right guys for this remix….. cyhi delivered once again though!

    • 2DBZ

      Staying with Slaughterhouse, I think Crook would’ve been the best to have on here.

  • Jorgefacekillah
  • Ted

    Haha criminally slept on indeed.

  • 2dope4nope

    Huey! I’d say the opposite two would’ve did more justice but oh well it’s dope!

  • Arun Gopal

    This was my favorite mixtape of this year.

  • Samy Merabet


  • marty mcfly

    Cyhi – “I’m Al Sharpton in the club, its a political party”… Bars

  • Megazord91

    Cyhi been slept on for eternity, black hystori project gets no props for being the best tape of the year to this point

  • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

    Royce was tough along with Cyhi on this shit. I am surprised niggas who so called love this lyrical shit ain’t up on it. They are nothing, but a bunch of hipsters, talking about trap and how we need bars, then the same niggas bypass this to listen to some mediocre shit.

  • I still got “Barry White” on repeat.

  • poetic assasin


  • OGBobbyJohnson

    It wasn’t slept on, it just wasn’t that good. Napoleon, Basquiat, Huey and Barry White were the only good tracks. Don’t get me wrong. Cyhi can absolutely murder a verse. But he still hasn’t put out that really excellent project yet. Bodied everything on Cruel Summer tho

    • @JoseRIo29

      U trippin

      • OGBobbyJohnson

        I just didn’t think it had a lot of replay value. Sometimes Cyhi goes in and absolutely bodies tracks, and sometimes it just feels like he’s trying too hard

        • marty mcfly

          Mandela, Is It Me, Cydel Young and Black Pride and the Intro were also dope. If this dont have a lot of reply value then what does that say about everybody else project thus far this year? Cause most of them dont have dope bars or anything to say or any kinda concept period. If Cyhi is trying too much then Id take that over most these niggas not really trying at all. Most people who’ve heard this project are saying its one of the best, if not thee best thus far. What other albums is fucking with this? Not many.

          • OGBobbyJohnson

            You’re generalizing. Look at Cilvia Demo, Oxymoron, there’s tons of good music that’s come out this year

          • marty mcfly

            Neither of those albums can fuck with Cyhi’s project.

          • Black Crime Rate

            Ah fuck that TDE ***HYPE*** bullshit that shows how much of a follower dickrider you are it instantly discredits you. Fuck outta here, son!

          • Black Crime Rate

            And not to diss TDE but if it wasn’t for the influence of hype and marketing you wouldn’t even mention those projects.

          • OGBobbyJohnson

            There’s no need to get butthurt bruh i’m just voicing my opinion. Just didn’t think it was that good of a tape

          • OGBobbyJohnson

            haha i run my own hip hop blog so I listen to wayyyyyyyyy more rap than you probably do

  • StudentOfTheGame

    this is still in rotation for me. Mixtape of the year for me so far. THIS POST MADE ME SO HAPPY!

  • Willmatic

    foreal…. this the most lyrical ive heard Royce and Joell in long time.

  • Just the tip

    Shits crazy.

  • espyy

    What the fuck is that annoying scream on the track? I won’t listen this track again, was freaking me out. Jesus.

  • Jason Riggsby

    I really thought Joell caught a body on this. Royce got busy but Cy was kinda…normal. Not terrible, but he kinda had a mediocre showing while Ortiz & nickel were killing

  • Spotlight1st

    Yeah CyHi deffo killing it this year. Check what we wrote about him here