Ab-Soul, Ed Sheeran & G-Eazy First Week Sales

blame it on Shake July 2, 2014

The sales week is over and the Billboard Top 200 results are in!

Ed Sheeran-who has a joint project with Game on the horizon-debuts at #1 with his sophomore album x selling 210k. Oakland’s G-Eazy takes the #3 spot as These Things Happen moved 46k. And last, but definitely not least, Ab-Soul comes in just outside the Top 10 as These Days… moved 22k in it’s first week.

Thoughts? Opinions? Bueller?

  • Joe Dirt

    damn my dude eazy moved some units. 15 year old girls gobbling that shit up. soulo flopped tho…

    • How would soul be considered a flop when it had no major promo and wasn’t sold in any stores (just iTunes and Amazon).

      • MarkyMark_MARK

        You probably ain’t wrong in the grand scheme but I got my copy on Google Play

      • Joe Dirt

        overall disappointing numbers considering his fan base. idk. hopefully his next release pushed by interscope does better

        • Charlie Van Horn

          you gotta remember, Interscope/Universal doesnt “push” their albums. TDE is an INDY label….Interscope is JUST there for distribution OF their album, not promo or “push”. Who cares what he moves, TDE doing it proper by STAYING an indy label ONLY using Interscope/Universal FOR dsitribution. Yall need to understand how this industry shit works, lol. If Soul, Q, etc want to “SELL OUT” and become full on Universal artists aka SLAVES…then they would be getting MAJOR promo, and prolly songs with hip POP stars as well as PART of that promo, so like G-Eazy, lil 15 yr old girls who dont know fuck about hip hop, would buy the album and Soul would sell like he did. Who the fuck is G Eazy?! lol You tink Soul cares how much he moves in the FIRST WEEK? Hell no…they stay independent AS TDE. Simple as that. Smartest label in the whole game by far. They get cake other ways, they aint selling out and folding TDE, lol. Wise up.

          • adam

            “Who the fuck is G Eazy?” hahaha

  • 2DBZ

    Soul sold over 4x more than Control System did, so it’s an improvement for himself. Still seems a bit disappointing. Hopefully the official Interscope LP gets a dramatic push.

    • Hopefully the official Interscope LP is a little better too.

      • Charlie Van Horn

        yall dont get how it works with Interscope, do you? lol. TDE IS INDEPENDENT….they join up WITH Interscope/Universal FOR DISTRIBUTION PURPOSES ONLY!!!! If these guys; Soul, Q, etc, wanted to COMPLETELY sell out TDE, leave them and sign with Universal Records…then YES, they would have major exposure, major promo, major sales like all the other artists who SELL OUT TO THE MAJOR LABEL. lol. Yall need to really understand how the music industry works. Thank Kendrick for knocking down the door in order TO get a distribution deal. Props to TDE for staying strong as an INDEPENDENT label.

        • LightYearsAhead

          actually… Kendrick and ScHoolboy Q are the only one dealing with interscope/universal.
          SZA, Isaiah & Ab-Soul is ONLY through TDE.

    • Bambi

      if i was Soul i’d be pretty disappointed with 22k. The man has a solid fanbase and a decent album. I think that the marketing rollout/strategy was just a bit to jammed to the end. They dropped the album date and cover like two and a half weeks before it dropped. No hype at all

      • scoggs

        Think they concentrated a bit too much on Schoolboy Q? I really didn’t get hyped on any of the Soulo tracks they pushed out before his release but it seemed like everything from Collard Greens on got me hyped for Q and I’m not even really that big of a TDE fan.

      • Taihair Djehuty

        Soul is fine with his numbers.Keep in mind, Q and K.Dot put their albums out through TDE/Interscope. Soul was strictly independent through TDE alone

  • Motion Fiction Media

    Would have copped Ab-Soul, but couldn’t find a hard copy anywhere, nor could I get an answer from anyone from TDE where to get a hard copy.

      Autographed Copies

      No hard copies in stores because he didn’t sign through Interscope. Hopefully next years album will be though…

      Kendrick and Jay Rock up next.

    • TK

      A vinyl would be sick too

  • Yeezus

    Now that that’s over we can get to Jay Rock. Amerikaz Most Wanted.

    • Bambi

      god you couldnt of said it any better

  • thatrandomguy

    Man, kinda disappointing for Soul. Can’t say i didn’t see this coming though,…the project barely had any promotion behind it and no big radio single.

  • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

    Cats like this Ed Sherane or whatever this nigga name is. He is fucking hideous dude. Just looking at him is an eye sore real talk, nigga look like he should be chopping down trees. Ol viking lookin ass nigga.

    • 2DBZ

      please turn in your straight pass as you exit stage left.

      • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

        Why are you defending this dude? He is ugly, nothing wrong with me saying that, stop getting emotional on me “Cry baby wade walker”. You got niggas talking about each other hair and clothes, even skin color but I am suspect, fuck outta here. He is ugly, do not see how the fuck he is so mainstream.

        He does not have a mainstream look for someone who is making heartthrob music, he is quite ugly that is why I voiced my opinion on it. Take your lost without you simp ass somewhere else nigga.

        • scoggs

          You are getting pretty emotional about his looks. I mean he’s talented and I guess you perceive him as somebody who “isn’t allowed” to be in this category or discussion of music. If Mayer Hawthorne was ugly would he still have a good voice? If Biggie was a pretty boy would he still be the King of NY? How about this one: Who gives a fuck what they look like?

          • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

            This dude is talented!? I ask by whom, he makes cookie cutter shit. I heard this dude on TV and he honestly cannot sing. It’s like people saying Taylor Swift can sing. Singing is more than sounding like a nasally struggle vocalists.

            To say he is a great singer would be like saying Drake is one. He appeals to little kids and teens, I do not know any adult who actually listens to real vocalist who finds his shit entertaining. He is some White guy perversion of pseudo RnB and soul. Not to mention he originally was far left, which means this album is exactly the opposite of what many of his fans were expecting. Sounds like you are emotional in defending this guy, you can like him, does not mean I do because he is mediocre.


          Lol I think u the one thats emotional right now bruh Hahahaha it coo though bro WE GET IT YOU DONT FIND HIM CUTE HAHAHAH smh nigaas THESE DAYS…

          • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

            How am I emotional, you are the nigga writing caps at the end of a sentence. Stop defending your boy toy and admit the truth. If some ugly nigga was singing some RnB shit, niggas in here will be calling him ugly. I did the same thing, because it is true. Brainless niggas “these days” LOL!

    • um..

  • Moe “Extra Syzzle” Syzlack

    20k with barely any promotion jammed into 3 weeks on a digital album isn’t bad.

    • Jay Daniels

      Stop making excuses. If G-Eazy has double Souls loyal fan base when he drops an album that’s still a fucking problem TDE needs to address.

      • Moe “Extra Syzzle” Syzlack

        And say what?

        • Jay Daniels

          I mean address with-in themselves as a team and business what went wrong and why the album wasn’t well received (it really wasn’t especially coming off the critically acclaimed Control System, it’s obvious fans are disappointed). How to even remotely favor a chance that Souls next album is going to sell on a major label, as that is what they are planning to do.

      • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

        True say… needed a proper few month roll-out plan. some more videos.. freestyles on popular songs.. features with some high profile people – doesn’t have to be anyone in the miley cyrus category but cmon.. tde can get favours

      • Taihair Djehuty

        Keep in mind, G-Eazy’s record was put out through an independent label under SONY Ent (RED). TDE didn’t go with a distributor. Because of that, you can find G-Eazy’s album in stores, which helps increase album sales. Soul’s is completely digital, no hard copies, so of course G-Eazy’s numbers are bigger.

        • Jay Daniels

          But I didn’t even know who G-Eazy was til a month ago. Souls a much bigger exposed artist through affiliation with everything TDE does. Without the store sales EAZY still would have outsold SOUL which I just find alarming and disappointing for Soul. I hope things get bigger for him.

          • Jay Daniels

            Let’s not forget. An artist like G-Eazy who is still “half” indie. 80% of his sales would have been digital regardless.

          • Taihair Djehuty

            “The Certification Process

            The process begins with an independent sales audit of each title by Gelfand, Rennert & Feldman, an accounting firm that has audited titles for the RIAA® for more than 30 years.

            The audit calculates what product has been shipped for sale, net after returns, versus product used for promotional purposes, for the life of the release.”


          • Taihair Djehuty

            Actually no, store sales don’t just include albums sold. Check the certifications info on the RIAA website. It is albums shipped. So, Ab-Soul has zero albums shipped. Since it is all digital, it goes solely on albums purchased on itunes. Eazy benefits from having a distributor under a major. Without that, he does not come close to his 46K

  • Heeeyyya

    I’m still trying to figure out why the fuck Twact was on his album when 80,000 other rappers already made a song like that. C’mon Soul

    • yMs

      it’s a part of the concept for the album. This album is meant to be a satire or mocking of today’s industry rappers and how they sound today. It also is meant to keep you up beat of his life since TDE has taken off in the last 2 years. Hence the commercial sound of the entire project, it sounds like music on the radio “These Days”, he did it on purpose…

      • Heeeyyya

        Well if that’s true that’s a weak/lazy concept. I don’t listen to him to hear the rap version of
        Now! That’s What I Call Music.

      • Black Crime Rate

        Well fuck I guess that’s why it wasn’t worth purchasing it’s a disappointing album especially compared to Control System.

  • Jay Daniels

    For Eazy to move double and more what Soul sent is fucking INSANE. And even though Soul raised his sales in 4k from his last album that’s still very weak considering the two years of exposure he’s had through Kendrick and Q and all the light on TDE. Wow, just terrible.

    • Taihair Djehuty

      Keep in mind, Eazy had a distributor that is housed under Sony Entertainment. His album has hard copies that can be found in stores. Ab’s album is solely TDE and completely digital. That’s why Eazy out sold him

  • Parker

    g eazy selling more than soul is so disappointing. eazy is just another clone. i didn’t particularly enjoy soul’s album but it certainly was better than g eazy’s

  • Bet next week Soulo going to be up there.He probably dropped the album just to eat, and it really wasn’t presented right. “Closure” and “Stigmata” weren’t mainstream enough to break on the radio. He should have did a video for “Nevermind” or it should be his next video because that would make the blind buy his shit.

    • Nicco

      wrong, the blind dont like his shit. the album was super light. the best part was the rap battle at the end.

      • Johnny Boy

        And how do you know what people like, and don’t like? I like the album, and what?

        • Remember a month ago when I told you Ab-Soul’s album would flop? LMFAOOOOOOOOO 22K from a TDE nigga is turrible my nigga

          • Johnny Boy

            What about all your WACK ASS southern rappers that have MAJORS, put out radio singles, shoot a bunch of videos, get 10,000,000+ views on YouTube and STILL can’t go over 100K????


  • biff tannen

    22 thousand people were extremely disappointed and want their money back.

    True story

  • Luke Foord

    I haven’t even heard of G-Eazy :/

  • daganjatribe

    blows my mind how much hate Soulo gets around here, these days is a great album, better than oxymoron imo

  • Joseph Landry

    G Eazy fucking sucks. Period. No reason he should sell more albums then Ab-Soul.