Contest: Win A Pair of Tickets to “Made In America” Festival (Los Angeles)

blame it on Shake July 3, 2014

For the first time in it’s three-year run, JAY Z and Budweiser’s Made In America Festival will be simultaneously held in both Philadelphia and Los Angeles on Labor Day weekend, Aug. 30-31.

Kanye West, Pharrell, J. Cole, De La Soul and more will play Philly while the entire TDE line-up, Chance the Rapper, YG, Nipsey Hussle and Hit-Boy will be holding it down in Los Angeles.

Tickets for both shows are available here, but we’ve got your chance at a pair of free tickets to the LA dates!

To win, all you’ve gotta do is answer the following question in the comment section and we’ll pick a winner at random. Good luck!

Which act are you looking forward to seeing most this year?”

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  • Keyah Richardson

    Looking forward to seeing Pharrell Williams the most!!

    • shake

      Too bad he won’t be at the Los Angeles show.

      • hova


  • Guest

    def de la soul

  • anjew


  • YG

  • Jorge Canales

    Easily YG! Dude has been hot this year and his album will be holding down the summer. Just vibing all summer in the Cali weather!

  • MHassan_SD

    YG and Isaiah Rashad for sure

  • zain

    De la soul ! can’t wait to see them

  • sarah

    Cypress hill y’all

  • Douglas

    Nipsey Hussle. epitome of hard work, dedication, and passion for the game.

  • SS


  • Andrewww


  • wolf

    Chance The Rapper!!!

  • Just a fan

    I’ve been wanting to see YG for a while this would be the perfect concert to see him live

  • Damon Toombs

    Looking forward to Hit-boy and DJ Mustard, I really respect these West Coast producers bringing back that old school, G-Funk sound!

  • GeloSoul

    The whole Black Hippy Crew for real. It would be the best to see them, in they element, in they home. Tearin’ it up

    • 2DBZ

      I like how each has their own set too. And not just a “black hippy” set.

      • GeloSoul

        Yeah such a strong group of individual artists

        • GeloSoul

          and they all hometown heroes

  • Dari Elxix

    For me it’s Chance The Rapper, dude is one of the most exciting acts in hip-hop right now in my opinion. I’m looking forward to hearing his work with James Blake hopefully sometime later this year.

    • Kenzie

      ^^^ 100% agree

  • B3

    Im tryna see Cypress Hill! Been vibing to them a lot this summer.

  • RedButtonz


  • jordan la

    TxDxE for sure best rap group to ever do it

  • Poeticsoul Cuffie

    Looking forward to seeing the entire TDE perform

  • Isai Hernandez

    well since I’m in LA of course TDE! Kendrick and Schoolboy the most

  • Moshe

    Without doubt Chance the Rapper. I spent a month saving up to go to Coachella, only to find out once I got there that Chance has the flu and he can’t perform. I am out of state now, but I would fly back to Los Angeles in a heart beat if I got these tickets. I would love to see him perform that joint with Jeremih and some ish off his new project.

  • datbul

    Kendrick Lamar & John Mayer.

  • Dr. Jewce & Mr. Kidd

    YG 400!

  • daniiielson

    The whole TDE crew and sublime with rome! Those LA vibes…would be 2dope to catch them both live!

  • DeeJay

    Would kill to see Chance The Rapper

  • daniiielson

    The whole TDE crew and Sublime with Rome! Those LA vibes..would be 2dope to catch them live!

  • JP

    Top Dawg Entertainment

  • Chance The Rapper

  • Michael A. Perez

    I would like to see the TDE crew. It will be a rare occasion to see the entire TDE team performing. So, I would like to be a part of pure LA history. Thanks.


  • Desmin


  • Anonymous Anonymous

    Nipsey Hu$$le is so underrated, and he’s consistent too, I want to see him the most.


    Looking forward to seeing Chance The Rapper

  • imperetiv

    I’d be most into seeing Kanye as he bailed in Vancouver not once, but twice.

    • i think He’s doing the Philly show not 100% though

  • ABS


  • For the L.A. Made In America show, definitely Chance The Rapper.

  • king

    I’m really looking forward to see chance the rapper!

  • Stephanie Skinfill

    TDE crew! Would love to see what everyone brings to the show!

  • FrankTalk

    Nipsey Hussle & Hit-boy performing “Alert”

  • Been a Cypress Hill fan for years, i know they’re gonna kill it!

  • Jalon Bransford

    Kendrick Lamar

  • Wavy White Boy

    Way too many to choose from the whole set list. Out of the Hip-Hop list I have to choose between Ab-soul, Del La Soul and Chance The Rapper. & Weezer too though but thats my Rock/Alternative side.

  • Justin Horner

    Kanye West

    • Wavy White Boy

      thats not LA bro. Thats the philly show

  • MMV

    Chance the Rapper

  • Stephanie Pacheco

    Looking forward to seeing the whole TDE crew!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • OG

    Outkast at osheaga

  • Haven’t seen Kendrick in a while but I’ve really been wanting to see Jay Rock, YG, and Nipsey Hu$$le lately!

  • James Glover

    J,cole heard he puts on a great show

  • Dallas


  • sincerebp

    I gotta go with the hometown heroes, TDE!



  • Christian Delarosa

    I’d probably have to say TDE, but Ab-Soul in particular. I’m interested in seeing what material he would go with off of These Days on a live set. ZZ Ward & John Mayer are 2A and 2B.

  • Khella

    Nipsey of course, however, YG gets me hype

  • Djmanny2k

    Hit-Boy! We The Plug!!!

  • I’m looking forward to seeing Chance The Rapper, I’ve met him in person but still haven’t had the pleasure of seeing him perform and I’m from Chicago!

  • Kayla


  • Ivanandshit

    yg #400

  • Jerry Frausto

    Kendrick & De La Soul

  • TzC

    J. Cole. Why J Cole? because he had the best rap album of 2013. The depth in the theme and how he took us on a journey through his life and showed the balance of good and evil he faces now that he’s a famous rapper (and that he sees in the industry). The entire album was golden and i completely missed his last tour and the D&D tour doesnt come to my city

  • Shawn

    DJ Mustard — he’ll keep the crowd rockin’ longer than Busta’s verse on Calm Down.

  • Ezekiel

    Pharrell Williams for sure!!! That G I R L is hot!

  • ricochet101

    Chance The Rapper!

  • Andres Carmona

    Looking forward to seeing TDE and Sublime.

  • Jesus

    Chance The Rapper

  • Zonebx1160


  • r93


  • Luke G

    I’ve never seen Nipsey Hussel i’m sure hes gonna shut it down!

  • Jaybird

    Neighborhood Nip Hussle

  • just_b

    Looking forward to seeing the TDE crew. Seen Kendrick w/Ye. Q with Rocky. Jay Rock at a club set. Time to see em put it together like Voltron.

  • Ashawna Alecia

    I’m looking forward to seeing Chance the Rapper!!

  • Kyle L. Smith

    TDE & YG off top

  • Keenon Harris

    I’m looking forward to seeing Schoolboy q

  • Kara Cardwell

    Chancelor The Rapper

  • Jason Anthony


  • ryan

    SchoolBoy-Q is my boiii

  • 2Cent

    Shake – Hopefully..

  • Brochacho

    Chance the rapper & young nip$!!

  • Heavenly Sent

    i wanna see it all lol diverse music with diverse people for sure nothing more than good vibes. a little bit of rock rage pop some vitamin e for that electric typa shit can’t forget those hipster tunes end the night with some hip hop it’ll be a day well spent with my honey

  • Joseph Jung

    Nipsey Hussle tho! I love what he’s been doing independently and creatively. I know he’ll kill it

  • Steve Franco

    I’d want to see nipsey the most his motivation and hustle is bringing the west back!

  • Bradley Szasz

    Metric by far!!!!

  • Reiko Gordon

    Jay Rock

  • kira

    Pharell williams for sure!

  • Edward Gaviola

    I really wanna see sublime with rome and the entire TDE crew just kill it onstage.

  • West Coast Syndicate

    Looking forward to Hit-Boy & HS87’s set! Coming off their release of We The Plug will be huge along with people having a good taste of that “Grindin My Whole Life”

  • Dogsta / Jermaine


  • adam

    Black Hippy TDE

  • DaddyKane

    Definitely would go for the hip hop, but when Metric plays that “Black Sheep” joint from Scott Pilgrim, im sprinting from where ever to rock out like a sheltered white girl who convinced her parents to let her go to Coachella.

  • Estevan

    Individual sets of TDE, since Guerilla Union failed to do that the past 2 years.

  • Ryan A

    Looking forward to Yeezus making a surprise appearance!

  • mason


  • Darkwing Duck

    Definitely TDE! Not often you get to see the entire TDE lineup in one venue.

  • Mad Madman

    The acts I’m most looking forward to are Chance and TDE. The reason I look forward to chance is because of his progressive, original, and experimental music which provides another chance for rappers to prove that they are a driving force in pop culture these days. Tde of course because they’ve come as group of west coast rappers who have not only proved themselves to all the legends of the west, but legends nationwide, and Kendrick has proved himself as a Titan in hip hop and the rest of the group continues to grown and evolve with a progressive mindset, as they continue to kill the game. People will hate on Ab’s new album but people are just scared of change.

  • grooviest q

    black hippy, then YG will come out and do I Just Wanna Party

  • Justin

    Chance // Isaiah Rashad

  • Black Hippy!

  • Arto Widdit!

    Honestly… I’m looking forward to seeing Chance the Rapper.

  • Corey Libow

    Gotta see Kendrick hold down his crown in his hometown. Could be a real hero moment.

  • kittykat

    Bruh bruh, I’m tryna get my condiments at Made in America. Mustard on the beat ho!

  • Anna Mora

    I’m looking forward seeing Chance the Rapper! He brings so much energy into his performances!!!

  • The▲Creative

    SZA, and Kendrick Lamar!

  • D’sean #NED #NED


  • Abraham Romero

    Yeezy !! i remember i won tickets to see Blu, only to find out that i wasn’t invited on the guest list due to Blu’s management… meh sucks. so this shit is legit. Hope i get anotha shot !

  • I’ve seen video on here of Kendrick and YG both putting on great live shows. Those two plus DJ Mustard would be my picks but a lot of the artists in this lineup would be in my top 10 to see live.

  • Crew’s Cunt Troll.

    Jermaine Cole, I was dreaming to watch him performing live.

  • Mesk

    Most definitely would want to see Hit-Boy and the HS87 crew, seeing them knowing their from my city would just be really inspiring to witness.

  • Killing Konsciously


  • Parmveer Khangura

    TDE, Metric a close second

  • Calmazz

    Weezer !!

  • YG 400

  • Stephiemazz

    Imagine dragons

  • hiphopfan1

    TDE. Hopefuly Isaiah will perform his Cilvia ep. That will be the best performance in my opinion.

  • Blake

    Gotta be Chano himself, Chance the Rapper!

  • Jerry

    All of Black Hippy them TDE boys HiiiPower!!! Thanks shake!

  • Jerry

    Top Dawg Ent. KDOT SOUL ROCK & Q thanks shake!

  • Silvia Carmona

    TOP DAWG ENT. !!!!!!!

  • Cat Daddy

    Although I went to LA earlier this summer I keep going back and forth w/ myself about returning to see Kendrick & SZA perform “Babylon”. Mannnnn that would be sweet! To see the whole TDE in one place do their thing, doesn’t get any better than that! Plus Labor weekend is my birthday weekend (August 29th) Talk about divine intervention..

  • Jerry

    Top Dawg Ent Dot soul Rock & Q!! Thanks Shake!!

  • Nique

    Def looking forward to seeing YG. He’s got some crazy energy and he’s been holding it down for the west.

  • Silvia Carmona


  • Hugothedon

    Chance the rapper and isaiah rashad

  • Kam


  • Mike Deezy

    I’m most excited for Chance the Rapper. I was super pissed that he bailed on Weekend 2 of Coachella, because I was pumped to see him. I pray to Yeezus I win.

  • Silvia Carmona

    Juanes, YG, Nipsey Hussle, kanye west, Imagine dragons, Cypress hill,pharell, kings of leon, jcole, the list goes on! It will be amazing

  • Don Dada

    John Mayer and Sublime definitely I’m most hype about. plus I’m soooo souped about the entire TDE performing. I know they’re gonna be amazing.

  • &I!+c#

    Looking forward to seeing Weezer!!!

  • Rise Against

  • Leo

    I can’t wait for Jay Rock!

  • CRES


  • Guest

    Soulo would be crazy!

  • WKD

    Soulo would be crazy!! – @itskontos

  • Dirk Diggler

    Most def. Nipsey and Chance..their performances are gonna be too ill

  • tracy a

    kendrick lamar!

  • Joseph Landry

    Absouletly Ab-Soul lol. I need these tickets pick me.

  • Spandeezy

    Hit Boy

  • Cameron

    No doubt YG. Been bumpin his album since the day it came out. I’d be livin’ the dream if I got the chance to see him live.

  • Recto Elizaga

    Kedrick Lamar, gareth emery, and chance!!!!!

  • LebanonDon


  • T Huizar

    Isaiah rashad

  • I’d probably be most excited to see Kendrick Lamar! His album helped me get through my first year at Morehouse.

  • sLim


  • Jessied Martinez

    Definitely looking forward to TDE wrecking shop!

  • phil chase


  • Abhishek Sachdeva

    Chance the Rapper,

  • Kayla

    chance the rapper. my life would flourish w. joy <3

  • Groove_RMG

    I am looking forward to seeing the entire TDE camp. It would be my first time seeing them live.

  • Silvia Carmona

    TDE all day!! I need to experience this festival :)

  • Roohans

    nipsey hussle

  • Cap

    Kendrick Lamar

  • bc22

    kanye west!!!!!!

  • Demetria Pettie

    Kanye West!

  • Matthew Moore

    Ready to see Chance The Rapper & TDE shut down LA

  • Sbloodman

    I’ll say Kendrick Lamar just of the fact that he’s bin missing for a minute. Think he has something special for that night.. Also Chance the Rapper since I really wanted to see him at coachella & didn’t get to because he was in the emergency room

  • Calez

    Kanye his show has to be crazy and me being from Chicago I’ve always wanted to see his show

  • Mt

    Chance the rapper

  • Cesar A.

    I wanna see Kanye West the most at the LA show

  • Brandon Thoreau Kelly

    Kanye masked or unmasked.

  • M Gar


  • Jamal

    Chance The Rapper.

  • s3anathon

    Im interested in seeing YG & Chance The Rapper. I went to wireless festival this year on the day they both performed on different stages and I never got to see them perform. But the made in america festival is one stage only so I can see all the acts on one stage. It would be trill if I could get tickets cause the price is a lot for an 18 year old.

  • Spencer Davis

    Looking forward to seeing TDE

  • Steve

    K dot!

  • GeloSoul

    Well now it ‘s Kanye,

  • DOS

    Looking forward to Kanye now that he’s been added to LA — lord willing I win this contest..

  • nah

    I’m looking forward to seeing Kanye now that I know he’s preforming at both shows!

  • Malcolm Masiero

    Definitely looking forward to seeing Chance The Rapper! If I win Haha!

  • Pavvy

    Would love to see ‘Ye and John Mayer do a little something together, like on Bittersweet Poetry…

  • MiltonCarlJacksonII

    I’m thoroughly looking forward to seeing Kendrick Lamar and Imagine Dragons. Their shows look hype and seeing it live would be amazing right before I get back to the grind of graduate school! Thanks @2DBZ:disqus!

  • Linx

    De La Soul for sure, they have an incredible live show!

  • CHiLLA

    I’ve always wanted to see Sublime and Kanye West. Seeing sublime would be a dream come true. I have never been able to see them live although I hear they are amazing.

  • Amber Jacobo

    I want to see YG!!!!!! :)

  • Soroush Fahimirad

    I really want to see Kanye because I missed out on his Watch the Throne tour because I didn’t have the money and I wasn’t in town during the Yeezus tour….. In addition, I want to see Chance the Rapper because he’s amazing and I was supposed to see him at Coachella but he canceled his set during Weekend 2

  • Cierra Noelle Pemberton

    I would LOVE to take my lil bro to see Black Hippy / TDE! It would make our year to see Kendrick Lamar and the whole TDE crew–they’re so on point!
    Please pick us! I’d die.

  • Mike Scott


  • ZZ Ward! Perfect time to perform that Kendrick collab…

  • Hubert Farnsworth

    I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Kanye perform. The man fly’s from Philly to LA. Mr. West is in the building. #imfrysnephew #planetexpressoverups #whodoyoulove #letssnusnu

  • Laura Valenzuela

    My sister and I are looking forward to seeing rise against. It would be a dream come true to see Tim McIlrath live.

  • Laura Valenzuela

    My sister and I are looking forward to seeing Rise Against. It would be a dream come true to see Tim McIlrath live.

  • Luders Junior Vilme

    TDE/Black Hippy


    DE LA SOUL never disappoints.

  • Areta Szpura

    Iggy Azeala cause she’s a #girlboss

  • Chris

    Man to see kendrick live would be a dream. I know he’s holding out on some new content and what better way to play some of it than in front of an LA crowd that loves him.

  • Steve Franco

    Nipsey hussle his hustle and passion for the game of rap is unmatched lyrically or substance wise.

  • I’m looking forward to seeing Yeezy after his overnight flight from philly to la #thatsdedication

  • Sarah Abrahim

    I wanna see Pharell, that would be awesome!!!

  • Brian Kidd

    Looking forward to TxDxE lineup and Hit-Boy…..basically everybody

  • Sergio Bernal

    Chance the Rapper. His live show looks incredible and he got shut down at SXSW so it’d be fantastic if I got a shot to see him once.

    And this is like, a dream lineup man. We don’t get that in TX.

  • Arnold Fonseca

    Looking forward to seeing the God Yeezus. :D

  • Dmoney


  • Celeste


  • evan robots

    Chance the Rapper

  • Kelvin Imalenowa

    Chance The Rapper, of course.

  • AkidNamedWalter

    I would be looking forward to KING KENDRICK LAMAR

  • Emmanuel Delu

    Chance the rapper or Kendrick lamar

  • Ryan

    Chance The Acid Rapper

  • Osbiel Montano

    Chance The Rapper!!!!! He’s one of the best young and upcoming talents in the rap game!! Can’t wait to see him!

  • Selena Lustig

    No one showin Weezer some luv? Classixx rules too. – Selena Lustig @vivalalustig

  • Donald

    Looking forward to Kanye West

  • Noah Cole

    Looking forward to see Chance!

  • Daniel Escamilla

    I’m look forward to seeing Kayne. He’s a legend

  • Kyle Grabowski

    Maybe a little off-kilter for a hip-hop site, but Rise Against

  • Jacinta M

    Kendrick Lamar.

  • E. C.

    Looking foward to seeing Chance the Rapper the most!!!!

  • Jack Ward

    Kanye West, Yeezus tour was insane, so I definately need to see him again

  • Cipriana Sapien

    I would love to see Chance the Rapper!!!

  • James Jacobs

    I honestly can not wait to see Chance the Rapper I love his personality and his attitude and what he brings to modern day rap

  • Nate

    Chaaaaaance. Chance the Rapper

  • Aaron Cunningham

    I’m totally looking forward to Chance the Rapper and the god named Kanye West.

  • ^pperE©helon

    Im really looking forward to Kanye

  • Cesar Aguilar

    Kanye West

  • Matt Montoya

    Gotta be Yeezus- nothing like seeing a legend !

  • Brianna W

    Chance the rapper❤️

  • I need to see TDE and seeing Chance The Rapper again is never a bad thing

  • Cristy Hernandez

    Looking forward to seeing TDE!!! Always a good experience.

  • Mario Medina

    Chance the Rapper! I heard he puts on amazing shows

  • Christian Cruz

    KENDRICK!! Just ordered his mAAd city LP!! and of course Kanye! I Am A God Live would be incredible

  • john schmidt

    Chance the Rapper all day long

  • Carissa

    Chance the rapper. I’ve seen videos if his performances and I can only imagine what it’ll be like in person!

  • Hasenberg

    Looking forward to seeing Chance the Rapper!!

  • albertoreyes


  • Sarah

    chance the rapper <3 _ <3

  • Silky Johnson

    Chance the Rapper. Heard his live shows are dope.

  • Tyrel

    Chance the Rapper

  • Adam

    Chance the Ruthless!!

  • Jessica


  • Jose Meza

    Chance The Rapper im a huge fan plus that dude sure knows how to get the crowd hype and put on a show


    Chance the mutha fuckin rapper!

  • Brace Face Bastard

    I’m really looking forward to seeing Chance the Rapper. He’s on my bucket list And one of my all time favorite rappers. Also I can’t forget the legend himself Kanye. He’s a must see.

  • Young Hwang

    I am looking forward for CHANCETHERAPPER’S performance!

  • Taylor Diane


  • Dan O’Connor

    I’m looking forward to seeing Kendrick and TDE in LA

  • arianna


  • Alexandra

    Steve Aoki! Heard he puts on a great show. Caking the crowd & such! Haha. DJ Mustard as well! & Chano, Mr. Performer himself.

  • Jordon Douglas

    TDE and Chance the Rapper. I like them all equally. If I was to see all of them live and in the same place…..Life would be better than an ex crime boss chillin in Miami.

  • Zach Leff

    Kanye!! Shuts it down everywhere he performs

  • Tabitha P

    Chance the rapper!

  • Koby Wong

    Chance the rapper

  • John Teague

    Looking forward to seeing my man Chance the Rapper. Pluse all of T.D.E I love the Black Hippie Movement

  • Ambiir

    I’m looking forward to seeing Chance the Rapper!

  • Noamane Cherkaoui

    Definitely Chance the Rapper! He’s fresh and his lyrical content is top notch.

  • Jacob

    Looking most forward to Chance the Rapper. Dude is young, underrated, and hungry.

  • Alejandro Bravo

    It would be crazy to see my two favorite artists Chance The Rapper and Kanye West.

  • Diego Sanchez

    I’m excited to see Chance The Rapper!!!

  • Jonathan Zuniga

    Chance The Rapper

  • Michael Fenton

    Looking forward to see Chance the Rapper, he is a part of the future class and he could be the MVP!

  • Yaretzi

    Looking forward to seeing everyone from TDE. They’re always live, humble and entertaining!

  • deja

    pls give me these tickets pls…I HAVE TO SEE KANYE BEFORE I DIE…PLEASE

  • Jacob Willis


  • Zach

    Gonna have to go with John Mayer actually because I’ve never seen him live. Kanye and Chance are definitely can’t miss shows though and I hope they start integrating some more songs from their respective upcoming projects into their shows. That Chance “Paradise” joint is a hit.

  • Jerome Rhodes

    Chance le Rapper #SOX

  • William

    I’m looking forward to seeing Chance the Rapper

  • camann

    I’m most excited to see chance the rapper

  • Shirley

    Looking forward to Kanye the most cause I still have yet to see the man somehow. It’s a toss up after that, too many solid acts.

  • Claudeen


  • Camille Gloster

    Chance’s story and music has motivated me through my lifes highs and lows the past few years. It would be an out of body experience getting to see him perform and getting to witness this true talent, live. Winning tickets would mean the world.

  • Fayrouz

    Definitely looking forward to seeing J.Cole, YG, Del La Soul & Pharrel :) Love all da way from Canada Xo.

  • @bestoftyler

    Chance The Rapper & Kendrick Lamar! I can’t just choose one because they’re both my favorite. I never get the chance to see either when they come to my city because I never have the money. My money always goes towards helping my mom & I don’t get the chance to save up. Im always so hurt that I never get to see them. Please give me the opportunity to. I would be so grateful.

  • Austin Yoder

    Chance The Rapper is going to kill it!

  • Austin Yoder

    Chance The Rapper is going to kill it!

  • Fayrouz

    & Nipsey Hussle, Kanye West and Chance The Rapper I love a majority of the entertainers that will be performing for this!!! So I’m stoked regardless love my music ahah

  • Jessica Lauber

    You know I’m tryna see king Kendrick and my hometown man Chano

  • Felis

    Chance the Rapper of coarse! Great songs and even better dance moves!!!

  • Kenzie

    This lineup looks unreal. I’d definitely be looking forward to seeing Chance and J Cole the most. They’re two of my all-time favorites!

  • Ola

    Chance the Rapperr!

  • Kenzie

    Chancellor the Rapper <3

  • Ofelia Carrillo

    Definitely Kendrick and the TDE crew, reppin my ciiity all the way #CaliforniaLove

  • Anthony Luviano

    which act am I looking forward to? Isiah rashad!!

  • leslie garcia

    Chance the rapper, full of energy on stage & has a special connection with his fans!

  • DejahDiane

    King Kendrick!!

  • daniel

    Holy fuck chance the rapper. based god please

  • Adrianna Rascon


  • Emery


  • Eric Khalifa

    Hey guys. Black Hollywood album mixtape coming soon :^)

  • RW

    Kanye, Kendrick, Chance, Afrojack, and Iggy because she’s da REALEST.

  • Brittaney

    I would probably cry just being able to see so many amazing artists! But definitely pass out over Kanye. Lol

  • Johannah Caliban

    Sir Chance the rapper of course. So much passion and love leaking out of one man.

  • Hammad

    Chance the rapper!!

  • Parker Kjellin-Elder

    Asking me who I’m looking forward to the most is like asking me to pick the King. My answer is Kendrick, I mean it

  • Chanell Tico Nichole

    I’m looking forward to seeing Hit Boy! HS87 all day. All his work is flame and he’s seriously underrated right now. #Respect

  • Chanell Tico Nichole

    I’d be blessed to see Weezer live, oh man. Weezer and Chance in the same day is some angelic happenings.

  • Martin


  • Mitch Lewis

    Chance the Rapper or Ab-Soul. These Days… was great.

  • Angie Ruiz

    Chance the rapper! (Clap , clap, clap clap clap)

  • Nate

    im looking forward to seeing chance the rapper

  • Kenzie

    Chancellor Bennett <3

  • Tammi Vaughn

    Cypress Hill!

  • Liz Diaz


  • Alberto Guzman

    Chance the Rapper

  • Eve

    The best has gotta be Chance the Rapper!

  • Alex Rosiles

    I’ve been listening to Chance. His sound is very new to me. I mean yes the other acts are unbelievably talented, but really looking forward to the rising fresh new minds of our generation.

  • Jake Metzman


  • Betsy Ray

    I’m looking forward to seeing 12th Planet the most! He always puts on an awesome show!

  • Chance is one of my favorites right now, but Kanye’s always gonna be a legend. I’d lose my mind to see Yeezus perform.

  • Nicky Valverde

    The whole Top Dawg Entertainment squad, it is a rare occasion when all of these artists all get to be apart of one great festivals.

  • Witnessfiness

    YG! The man dropped a modern Classic with My Krazy Life.

  • Lashaun Roberts

    looking forward to seeing SZA!!!! She’s amazing!

  • Eric Duong


  • Karah

    Definitely looking foward to seeing Kendrick lamar & ab soul!

  • blove

    Chance da rapper!!!!!!

  • Hector

    Kendrick Lamar

  • deja

    i really want to see chance ..PUHLEEAASSEE

  • Adrian Mancilla

    Looking forward to seeing chance the rapper no doubt.

  • Guest

    The silent assassin of the four headed dragon! Jay Rocc!

  • Jose Rodriguez

    The silent assassin of the four headed dragon! Jay Rock!

  • Sergio Bernal

    Chance the Rapper! His live show looks incredible.
    And Pharell….good to see him in the spotlight now.

  • BiboDL

    I’d love to see Chance’s “No songs with Kendrick we just hang out” line become false at the L.A. shows!

  • Kyle Cruz

    Excited to see the whole TDE crew perform! they always put on an amazing show, and there ain’t nothin’ like seeing LA artists perform in LA.

  • Zachary Kauz

    De La Soul and Girl Talk!

  • Carol Lara

    I cant wait to see Yellow Claw gosh I’m soooo obsess with them.
    I want to see the so bad, they don’t come to LA often so I can’t miss this opportunity!

  • Jacqueline Moore

    I’m looking forward to seeing TDE in full effect! They are taking over the game right now and I’ve been a fan for years. It’s dope to see them getting their shine one! i have nothing but love for them. <3

  • Giancarlo Bustamante

    So many to see.. but I gotta go with Kendrick!!

  • M Bryan Fetner

    I’m excited to see Kendrick Lamar. I’ve read he puts on an amazing show.

  • RA$PY

    chance the rapper

  • Amanda

    Looking forward to my boy schoolboy q!

  • Looking forward to see Kanye west!÷

  • TaMia

    How do you even choose between TDE And Chance but I’m going to have to say Chance.

  • Sergio Bernal

    Chance the Rapper. Everything I’ve seen about his live show looks incredible.

  • Cindy Guzman

    Schoolboy Q

  • Jennifer Gomez

    Kanye West because #YeezyTaughtMe hahaha

  • deja

    I L O V E K A N Y E S O M U C H

  • Kenzie

    Chance the Rapper <3 he's always killing it

  • 3po1nt0


  • Sonia

    My Dutch Daddy Afrojack!

  • Sonia

    I want to Forget The World With Afrojack at Made In America Festival!!! ❤️

  • Maria Garcia

    Looking forward to see Isaiah Rashad & SZA

  • vanessa vasquez

    Schoolboy Q!!!! Iggy, Kanye and YG for sure

  • Miiss Keciia

    Nipsey! He’s my husbands favorite and I’d love to see him LIVE

  • Joe V.

    Schoolboy Q! Been digging his album all year.

  • Aiza E.

    I’m looking forward to seeing YG the most!

  • Cindy

    I would want to see Yellow Claw!!

  • Chika Udengwu

    I’m looking forward to seeing Kanye perform! I’ve been a huge fan of him ever since he release The College Dropout, and through all the controversy he’s faced, i’ve always remained a loyal fan. The messages he sends through his music are amazing and I would love to be able to witness him perform live. I wasn’t able to attend his Yeezus tour unfortunately, so this would be a great 2nd chance to see my idol perform :)

  • Aiza E.

    Looking forward to seeing YG!!!

  • Gregory Olivas

    KANYE WEST!!!!!!!

  • Tina Arce

    ZZ Ward!! Came across one of her songs at random actually one day so catchy & mesmerizing! Got me hooked! Haven’t stopped listening since..=P Would be amazing to get to see her on stage!!!

  • RPSmooth

    Nipsey Hussle

  • sesd

    Saturday show = Kendrick
    Sunday show = Kanye

  • life

    zz ward. She seems like she would be dope live.

  • s3anathon

    Chance the Rapper & YG fosho! They know ho to perform and give a good show. A pair of free tickets for me and my homie would be wassup from 2dopeboyz! Y’all stay looking out

  • i want to see tde and king kendrick rock the show.

  • Jared

    Looking forward to seeing Kanye West or Nipsey!!!!

  • Dionne Allyn Spears-Graham

    I would love to see Kendrick Lamar!!!

  • Martha

    YG!!! Want to take my daughter who will be going to college soon! Thank you!

  • Cindy Quiroz

    KANYE WEST!!!! pharrel williams

  • amandee


  • amandee


  • amandee

    kanye i’M SO EXCITED TO SEE YE!

  • amandee


  • amandee


  • amandee


  • amandee


  • amandee


  • amandee

    I’m super stoked on kanye

  • amandee

    super stoked on ye!

  • amandee


  • amandee


  • amandee

    can’t wait for kanyeee

  • amandee

    kanye’s gonna be sick af

  • amandee

    kendrick & kanye all day

  • amandee

    kendrick all day everyday

  • amandee

    kanye & kendrick i’mm super stoked on them

  • amandee

    ye’s gon kill it!

  • amandee

    super stoked on kanye

  • amandee

    kanye’s gonna be super dope

  • amandee

    kendrick’s gonna be super dope as well

  • amandee

    kendrick kendrick holaa

  • amandee

    ayyy kendrick & kanye tho

  • amandee

    this is gonna be a concert of a lifetime, tryna win these tix for my brother’s bday! we love love love kendrick & kanye

  • amandee

    this is gonna be a concert of a lifetime, tryna win these tix for my brother’s bday! we love love love kendrick & kanye yaas

  • amandee

    this is gonna be a concert of a lifetime, tryna win these tix for my brother’s bday! we love love love kendrick & kanye <3

  • amandee

    this is gonna be a concert of a lifetime, tryna win these tix for my brother’s bday! we love love love kendrick & kanye <33

  • amandee

    this is gonna be a concert of a lifetime, tryna win these tix for my brother’s bday! we love love love kendrick & kanye <333

  • amandee

    we love kendrick & kanye

  • amandee

    stoked on kendrick & kanyeee

  • amandee

    the lineup is super dope overall! can’t wait for kendrick & yeezy

  • amandee

    love love kendrick & ye

  • amandee

    kendrick * kanye thoo

  • amandee

    kanye & kanye ye ye

  • amandee

    super stoked, the lineup is super dope but favs are kanye & kendrick

  • amandee

    also super stoked on chance the rapper & school boy & absoul hell yeaaa

  • amandee

    super excited bout kanye & kendrick tho they are amazing performers

  • amandee

    love kendrick

  • amandee

    love kanye

  • amandee

    excited bout kanye

  • amandee

    excited bout kendrick <33

  • amandee

    super excited bout kendrick & kanyeeee

  • amandee

    yass kendrick & kanye

  • amandee

    kendrick & kanye, raised on them luv them

  • amandee

    kendrick & yeezy

  • amandee

    kendrick & kanye kanye kanyeee

  • amandee

    this is gonna be a concert of a lifetime, tryna win these tix for my brother’s bday! we love love love kendrick & kanye <3333

  • amandee

    this is gonna be a concert of a lifetime, tryna win these tix for my brother’s bday! we love love love kendrick & kanye!

  • amandee

    kendrick & kanye all daaaaay

  • amandee

    super stoked on kendrick lamar & kanye west <33

  • amandee

    Hoping I can win these tickets for my brother’s birthday, we love love the lineup! Super hiphop feens, would be super dope if we won the tickets! S/o to yall for looking out <33 Love kendrick and ye

  • Evelyn G


  • Emily Melgar

    Looking forward to seeing YG!!!!

  • Emily Melgar

    SchoolBoy !!!!

  • Guest

    Gotta see Kanye!

  • Isabella Avila

    I look forward to seeing Chance the Rapper the most! I had tickets to see him in December, but unfortunately I had to sell them. I really would like the opportunity to finally see him!

  • zack

    i want to see kanye so bad

  • Treasha Chave

    Can’t wait to see YG

  • Treasha Chave

    Omg I wanna see YG SO BAD!!!!

  • Lucy Gomez

    I’m looking forward to seeing my favorite artist Kanye West!

  • Michelle Quizon Reid

    Juanes :)

  • Christopher Mendoza

    YE-EZ-US. He delivers more of an experience than a performance! Respect.

  • Ev

    JOHN MAYER/KANYE. Two of my absolute dream headliners, best of both worlds.

  • Liz Diaz

    Really wanna see Kendrick!!

  • Alexa

    I would love to see J. Cole!

  • Kat S

    Juanes, I am a Colombian American however, I have never seen him preform in the US which would be amazing.

  • Tommy Nguyen

    Want the chance to see Chance

  • Lisette Sanchez

    I really since before they became popular I really want see Imagine Dragons.

  • Freddy P

    Ooh, thats a tough one. I gotta say Black Hippy cuz I’m hoping they preview some unreleased stuff (maybe from the upcoming Kendrick album???). Hearing new music, especially live, is one of those moments where you get goosebumps down your back.

  • Marielena Barahona

    Maybe I get a chance to see ,’Chance the Rapper”

  • Christa

    Kendrick Lamar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Priscilla

    Kendrick Lamar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Priscilla


  • Priscilla

    Schoolboy Q!!!!

  • Christa


  • Christa

    YG!!!!!!!! <3

  • Christa

    Schoolboy Q!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Veronica Tapia

    most definitely Kanye West!!!! Omg love his music

  • Veronica Tapia

    John Mayer! His so talented…n sings great

  • Stephanie Del Toro

    Kendrick Lamar and J Cole!

  • Lauren Simons

    Now that they added her, Iggy Azalea!!!!

  • Gustavo Victoria

    Kanye West haven’t seen him perform for a long time

  • Julie Nguyen

    I’m super excited for Imagine Dragons!! they are amazing live & I told myself I would see them everytime they come to LA <3

  • Elena Barajas

    Want to see Kanye west of course! Although he can be annoying at times I love his music and look forward to seeing him perform.

  • Bella Dee

    most excited to see sza (run) :)

  • Andrea

    I’m looking forward to Kanye and Steve Aoki!!! I’ve never been please give me these tickets!!! *fingers crossed*

  • Marcial D.

    Kanye West

  • Taria Clayton CM

    I cant wait to see Iggy Azela she throws down on her beats !:)

  • C Eden

    Dying to see John Mayer! Never seen him in concert even though I’ve tried :( he is my all time favorite recording artist!

  • Angelynne

    Looking forward to seeing YG !

  • Bex

    Cannot wait to see Imagine Dragons live!!!

  • Liliana

    Yeezus. Everyone else as well but he is just an amazing performer

  • Samantha

    Looking forward to KaneHoller!!! …and glassjaw!

  • Briana Gutierrez

    Briana Gutierrez I hope its not too late but i would LOVE to see YELLOW CLAW this DJ trio is not so Made in America being from Netherlands but thats what i love about this festival the blends of genres is just like america we are a melting pot! Music brings sooo many different people together around the world it truely is a universal language! i would love to be at this festival vibing with all the people who are down for the music! xoxo

  • Sammi Barber

    John Mayer

  • thewolvesareaway

    Kanye West

  • Kimberly Soto