Wiz Khalifa – We Dem Boyz (Remix) f. Rick Ross, Nas & ScHoolboy Q

blame it on Illy July 3, 2014

After Puffy, Meek, and French’s remix, Wiz Khalifa gives us the official remix of his hit single “We Dem Boyz.” Enlisting Rick Ross, Nas and ScHoolboy Q for the RMB Justize, Sledgren and Ricky P-produced track Hear it below and be on the lookout for Blacc Hollywood dropping next month. UPDATE: Official version added.

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  • Яникс лучше

    • Борис Шейк


  • nasty nas

  • Fimz


  • datbul

    Feelin’ the laid back, hypnotic sort of vibe. Nice song. Nas did nothing special here, to be honest, but most will say he ‘killed it’ just cuz he’s Nas.

    • Buster Cherry

      Nas did kill it fuckboy

    • krow132

      agreed. Nas is the G.O.A.T. IMO but he really didn’t do much on this

    • MusicHead

      100% agreed & I think Nas the GOAT also w/ another artist but for some other time lol

      • marty mcfly

        The GOAT means “Greatest”… So therefore its only one position for GOAT. I’ve seen you say countless times that Kendrick is the greatest to ever rhyme words together period. So how is Nas the GOAT when you clearly feel Kendrick is? Its either one or the other. The “greatest” is ONE spot not two.

        • espyy

          Biggie is the goat.

          • marty mcfly

            Biggie is not the goat. Unfortunately Biggie was murdered in 1997 and is not able to release music anymore. Almost 20 years later, people cant still be looking back to the late 90s to compete with the sound of Bad Boy.

      • marty mcfly

        I’m just fucking with you but for real though… The GOAT position is not up to the rapper or the fans. Destiny itself has to place a rapper in the throne position. Oh yeah, and then there’s the Drake factor… This year is the first year he’s been kinda quiet since So Far Gone and even with that you go do a whole 15 to 20 min set of all Drake songs from this year in the club and it would go.

        • MusicHead

          Well I’ve always said that Wayne/Nas are tied for Goat position & that Kendrick will eventually take their spot one day. But i feel u what u sayin tho.

          • marty mcfly

            Wayne AND Nas both occupy the same position? Ok. As far as Kendrick goes, I’ll give it to you, you have the faith of a preacher in Kendrick but he need to get busy then cause the way its looking… Its still cool to be a Kendrick fan but do he got any heat in the streets though? Idk

          • Cam TexasBoy Perry

            yea the problem with kendrick is he isn’t releasing any music to hold us over for the album.

          • The KZA

            Everyone is entitled to their shit or whatever ….but all jokes aside, do you really hold Wayne and Nas in the same regard?

          • MusicHead

            YES NIGGA. Wayne got the greatest fucking prime of all time & the most dominant ..y’all better miss with that just cuz recent Wayne ain’t been the best he wasn’t the best & #1 for 6 straight years nshit..c’mon dawg.

        • Bambi

          i knew at some type your jay z dick riding ass would comment on the debate of GOAT. You might as well just come out straight and say you think Jay is the goat…”GOAT position is not up to a rapper in the throne” wtf does that even mean?

          • Bambi


          • marty mcfly

            Hey Fukboy, I didnt even mention Jayz. See thats what you homotrolls do, you say some shit about Jayz to me and then bitch at me for talking back about some shit you said Smh. Yes I think Jayz is the GOAT and most people on 2DBZ know that already cause there was a big ass debate about the shit that took place for a whole week a couple years ago and yeah I broke down why from a BARS standpoint. Line for line Jay has delivered better raps then you and everybody else from 1996 to the present. Strictly on a lyrical bases, Jay is the GOAT and thats based on double entendres, metaphors, punchlines, flows, concepts or any other form in wordplay in which he has consistently out rapped everyone else. On top of that he has delivered just all around better songs then everybody else period. Now the reason I said the GOAT position is not up to the rapper is based on the 99.9% chance that you wont turn out to be the greatest rapper of all time. You could rap in an alien language and still not be as consistent over the years and also dominate the game for as long a period as Jayz has. Thee end bitch

    • Мадафака Щи

      Have You Heard Yanix? He’s Killing Right Now

  • Wiz Khalifa – We Dem Boyz (Remix) f. Rick Ross, Nas, ScHoolboy Q & Yanix (Coming Soon)

  • walkerboy86

    and officer ricky fucks up another track smh

    • CooL_KiD_305

      How did he fuck it up?

      • JT

        By being on it.

  • Tino

    So much better than the original.

    • But It Won’t Be Better Than Yanix remix

    • MusicHead

      Nahhhh they equal, if anything the OG still better.

    • Guest

      sans the yayo verse or whatever that was this goes harder

  • marty mcfly


  • $nicka

    this is cool

  • AmIDickRidingyet

    This is like the first real remix I’ve heard for a while. Sucks that they put so much work into making it and it doesn’t have replay value.

    • $nicka

      what does that mean though if you like it you will listen to it again if it sucks you wont

      • Kaspurrr

        he never said i like it. he said its the first real remix he heard which means its totally different from the first.

        • $nicka

          I know I’m trying to understand what replay value is.

          • nicoswebaby

            It means, if it’s worth playing again or nah

  • SupaTron3000

    If I can expect to hear more tracks like this on “Blacc Hollywood”, then I’m excited to hear it. We need more “Kush & OJ” Wiz & less of what he’s released since (with the exception of a few tracks). I’m saying this as a Wiz fan… not a hater.

  • Ya Boy Brook #OnePieceSqaud

    haven’t heard a remix that actually is a remix for a minute!

  • Guest

    NAS killed it!!!!!



  • Rob_Watts

    Q had the best verse, nas was reminiscing on his verse and rick ross was basic.

  • disqus_YLqupeq3g8

    Needa a version without ross

  • CooL_KiD_305

    RO$$ never disappoints.

  • ATK

    Non of them did anything special. Nas had the best verse, but that does not mean it was good. It was pretty Basic.

  • Uptown Stunna

    Just a reminder

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  • Guest

    this okay, not what i expected it to be

  • Kaspurrr

    this is okay, not what i expected it to be

  • I gotta respect Wiz for going back to a more laid back track … didn’t see this coming at all … Personally off the strength of the production alone I gotta #salute … having my favorite MC on the track #NaS doesn’t hurt either … all just came thru and gave Wiz basic bars but like the homie said an actually remix tho ?! I can fucks wit it! “#ThatHalfMoonisthatNaScut” – NaS lmao #simple

  • armvnd.

    i’m amazed that 3 people had input on this beat. like, really?
    don’t get me wrong, it’s smooth.

    the song, though…not really impressed as a whole.

  • Dave

    This is way better than the original. This the smokers version. The other one is the get drunk turn up version.

  • realness29

    if this means people will play the first one less, which is one of the worst songs of the year, then i am all for it.

  • leutrim

    This was smooth, but Schoolboy Q doesn’t really fit. This was just asking for a Curren$y feature. I’d like to see another remix with a more hardcore, trap version of the beat and have Wiz put Juicy J, Young Jeezy, etc on it.