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    damn we need that album soon, need some new krit music.. cadillactica will be dope!

  • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

    Definitely will be awaiting this project.

  • smh

    Big Krit is truly this generations version of a single man OutKast......IMHO!
    Not saying he's biting off them or anything....its just that feeling I get from his music is so reminiscent of Outkast to me.

    He's a Dope Rapper and a very Dope Producer....I like that he can be that type of 1-Man-Band so to speak, with his music. I really like how it feels like such a cohesive project when he drops tapes that is all him pretty much top to bottom...

    Hopefully him working with those other producers for this project will still give that same feel.....

    • MusicHead

      BigGhostFase said he's a one man Dunegon family, agreed ever since.

      • smh

        I agree....I think Big Krit really embodies that dungeon family sound and vibe!

  • adam_dz

    damn KRIT...talk to 'em. LFTU got a bad rap for no reason and, like he said, I knew sample clearances are part of the reason. It was a solid album and had some real powerful music, especially on the back end of the album. Cant wait for the next one!

  • Parker

    krit is such a beast, so hyped for cadillactica. and i need one of those hats krit's got on

  • kyle newsferd

    LFTU was dumbed down.if I wanna listen to a krit album it's my last choice. It was like some watered down ish compared to his mixtape. It also lacks those great samples which are his backbone

  • Zak Tobes

    Yeah, something real special came August 25th...