Kanye West Debuts A Ton Of Unreleased Music At Private Party in London

blame it on Shake July 7, 2014

Kanye West was in an incredibly giving mood after his performance at the 2014 Wireless Festival in London last night. According to reports, the superstar rapper blessed fans at a private club with a ridiculous amount of unreleased music.

Following his second set at London’s Wireless Festival last night, Kanye reportedly got behind the DJ booth and treated attendees of a private club event to about 20 never-before-heard tracks. While photos and videos were prohibited, a few details have leaked on social media, with one attendee describing the new songs as “dark,” “hellish,” and “ground-shaking.” Should Yeezy attempt to try to one-up Beyoncé by dropping 20 new music videos at the same time, we would not object.

Damn, America lost.

  • Yeezus


    • Arun Gopal

      Exactly what I was thinking.

    • Jay Daniels

      NO!!!! No more FUCKING part 2’s…

  • Cpr196

    As of late I think we could go without 20 new Kanye video’s, lol.

    • DIesel

      just die bro

      • Cpr196

        I’m a ‘Ye fan but those video’s were wack as fuck, BlKKK SKKKINHEAD was trying too hard, while Bound 2 was extremely mediocre. I liked the album even, but those video’s were… meh.

        • DIesel

          trying too hard to what?

  • Yeah this niggas a wash in other words he finished. Facts!

    • DIesel

      LOL love ye or hate him is just an opinion. But you have to be straight up stupid to say he’s in any way finished. This is what hate does to the brain

      • His last good music was like 4-5 years ago… It’s ok to admit he is done

    • So washed up that an album most people didn’t like still went platinum, yea keep thinking that buddy lol

      • Goldberg brian

        If a Kanye album dropped tomorrow NutsoCrazy would still listen, he’s full of shit

      • No one liked it equals washed buddy

  • SonSon

    the only thing this guy can treat us with is music. Wish he’d stop all the other antics.

  • Dango


  • How the hell was photos and video not allowed. Its 2014 man somebody in that bitch had a camera


    I hope he does make videos and actually MAKES videos (Bound 2).

    Am I the only person who still wants to see Cruel Summer the movie???