Omarion – Need That Love f. Shad Moss

blame it on Shake July 8, 2014

Maybach O and the artist formerly known as Lil Bow Wow link up to deliver a new age version of LL Cool J and Boyz II Men’s “Hey Lover.”

  • Hood Oracle

    that cover is fly

  • DonHussle

    This shit so smooth. good colab.


    bow wow look like game son

  • Prince Akeem

    whats the point in writing shad moss if you are going to write bow wow anyway. idiot

    • summertimer

      its a new name. people need to transition first so y not let people know?

    • Jay Daniels

      I didn’t have any fucking clue bow wow was on this song until I read the write-up. That’s why.

  • LIV3

    who remembers when nari and jay hawk were mustard before mustard was mustard

    • Uptown Stunna

      damn them niggas fell all the way off by 2012. Jaynari was bigger than mustard at one point in time in LA “s-s-s-sorry Jaynari”

      • LIV3

        hell yea those niggas were poppin in LA back in like “09”-“10” then fell all the way the fuck off lol mustard wasnt even a thought back then