• factsonly

    good kisser is terrible lol no summer cookout is playing that

    • One

      Speak for yaself...good kisser is his best joint in years

  • Ervin Mitchell

    Nice song! Usher sounds like Michael Jackson on this one.

  • realtalk82

    Good Kisser gets spins around here

    • Goldberg brian

      Not around here tho

  • realtalk82

    And this sounds spead up!!!

  • Hood Oracle

    usher will never top the confessions wave he had in 2004

    • Yeezy99

      Can anyone top that?

      • Hood Oracle

        Justin Timberlake came close kinda but i still think Confessions was bigger then Future Love/ Sex Sounds

        • LordMaximus

          Justin came no where near "Confessions" level, Confessions went diamond in the US alone

    • Jay Daniels


    • Kathy Serrano

      true. 8701 was a cool album too, but nothing like confessions.

  • Flyin_1stclass

    I just came to hear Pharrell's production

  • Jay Daniels

    This is flames, I ain't up to Nicki's verse yet tho. Should I expect it to ruin a good song?

    • Jay Daniels

      Nope, she actually does the damn thing. Nice.

  • Raadius

    Avg Usher track, def not on Good Kisser status. Same ole production from Pharrell. I feel like ive heard this beat or similar by him...

    • Cam TexasBoy Perry

      average? you're crazy!!! this is a hit!!!

  • Kidd

    This is dope and has an actually good nicki verse. I can see this getting play the rest of the year.

  • wikig1itch

    This track is on point, now I'm looking forward to the new album