Wale – The Followers

blame it on Illy July 8, 2014

After his fallout with Meek Mill that had Twitter buzzing earlier today, Wale rotates the attention towards his music with the Pro Reese and Marce Reazon-produced “The Followers.” Hear it down below.

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  • Bambi

    Album About Nothing???

  • PV

    wrong time to post this. Brazil is catching dat dookie

  • Adrian (hayabusa)

    Wale is never gonna win playing both sides…if he does hood records and do geek shit some are gonna clown him for it.

    • Arun Gopal

      True…but in my mind it shows versatility

      • codeboi

        Crossing between two different lifestyles is not being versatile. You don’t even know who he is anymore. I’ve never seen a bigger identity crisis in hip hop.

        • james

          You’re closeminded

          • codeboi

            I’m laughing because I’ve never been called that. Now if Young Jeezy crossed over and started doing super conscious pop records just for the sake of grabbing fans then this would be a different story right? All I’m saying is this guy was the most rooted for and showed so much potential. Still does, but once he started being “versatile ” as you call it and went over to te “other side” e hasn’t been able to gain his footing on either side. I think he’s a great artist but I feel he needs to get his sound definitive and show he’s more than a sneaker head asshole with a voice but doesn’t give a damn what people think about him.

          • marty mcfly

            I felt the same way about Wale for a while but overall, I feel like if you make it to album number three and its received well? Then you kinda won from there. The majority of rappers wont get that far in terms of commercial releases that actually make a little noise. After album number three imo alot of times its not even about your music anymore. At that point either people like you or dont like you and thats it. Wale has been kinda all over the place but its nothing he could ever do at this point to make people really get excited cause after his career thus far people have either decided to check for him or not.

          • AlexFirth91

            I agree with that statement marty. At the end of the day, Wale nice. Now some od gassed fans get mad at his different personas but that’s what rap is about, battling out others, and Wale just proving he can spit bars no matter the subject. Although he admits in synch with the song he’s not shooting, or letting off anything, just reppin DC and stacking bread.

          • codeboi

            I can agree with that. I hate to just sound like the ultimate Wale hater cause I’m not. I just wished his passion and mission statement was focused into the music more than his persona. He’s on album number 3 but now people are looking to see if he will fail for the simple fact that he’s made himself the subject of a lot of ridicule in the community. No one wants to admit that he sold out. With doing so he took the shortcut and has been more successful commercially than he’s every been, but there is a price to that. It’s a tough situation because for him there was no life after Attention Deficit. He did what he had to do.

        • ayeyo


          • codeboi

            B.o.B is a big identity crisis also.

          • marty mcfly

            I actually think B.O.B is just somebody that people dont get or just choose not to like. Once you pull from another genre then there goes your hardcore hip hop fanbase in most cases. On that side of things most are just not very open minded to anything else except rappity rappity rap rap.

          • codeboi

            He always been pop though. You can tell from his beginning he was just passing through.

          • marty mcfly

            If he was always pop then whats the problem? Also you say Wale sold out and even though I know what you mean, its like when did Wale act like he wasn’t trying to sell? I feel like this, what hardcore MC you know thats relevant and making millions of dollars just purely on hardcore backpack, boom bap lyrical miracle rap? I cant think of not one. So of course when niggas get on, they gon try and switch it up cause it comes to down this 99% of the time… You could crossover and make millions of dollars and be hated on by hip hop heads who dont buy music anyway or you can drop some lyrical miracle shit that will almost surely leave you broke and irrelevant so whats it gonna be? I mean this is the reality of the situation for the most part. I wish it was the other way around but unfortunately its not and it hasn’t been for years.

          • codeboi

            Exactly! With that said, he need to get his money then! That’s where the issue lies. He want his cake and eat it too. Any hip hip artist that we ever labeled “great” didn’t necessarily crossover. They had crossover appeal. Wale preaches to us all the time how great he is and he thinks so highly of himself that he actually thinks we should see him in the same
            Light as the Hov Pac and Biggies of past. If rappers have crossed over in
            The past has there ever been one as blantant as Wale? Did other artist not not work their primany fans bases before they decided to make that leap? At the end of the day if you’re not making music for the people in this music business then you shouldn’t be in it. Don’t get mad when you come in as MLK , turn into brother Malcolm for show and then want to go back to MLK. It’s seen from a mile away. (Bad analogy I know) at the end of the day he got a second chance and so far he’s made it work for him. Only Wale can figure out what he does from here. Enjoyed the convo. These boards should have more reasonable conversations.

          • marty mcfly

            I’ve never heard this Wale you speak of as far as wanting to be on some underground shit period. Everything he’s done has been sounding like he’s trying to crossover or rapping in such a way where you knew that was coming and imo he gave the people mixtapes full of rappity rap for free with some of the biggest artists, some of the most lyrical songs and he gave away mixtape material for free that could’ve been hit material. Also 99% of every rapper considered to be “great” has indeed crossed over. You aint gonna be considered anything of great status until people from the other side are your fans. The closes we get to a solo rappity rap nigga that became great but didnt crossover is Nas but that as we all know didn’t last long at all because by his 3rd album it was Hate Me Now and honestly has it not been for Lauryn Hill, Nas might not even have had a career that made it passed the late 90s. All smart rappers should “want their cake and eat it too”. Now if people all of a sudden start making the lyrical miracle hardcore Immortal Technique type niggas the superstars then I’ll see why people want rappers to stay in that element but until then its just not that smart to beat that drum and expect great results. Much respect and props to the MCs that do though but its a hard road of not much recognition for great music.

          • codeboi

            I never said he wanted to stay on some underground shit. When I speak of crossover appeal I’m talking about artist who can stay within their lane and still make hits. Nas crossing over was a sad blatant attempt at it. Which it why it failed because it was outside of his lane. If it’s so smart for rappers to do…enlighten me on how the same formula isn’t working for Wale? Why does he get so much hate for a “proven” formula that has worked for countless artist? At the end of the day it’s about perception and foundation. He does not have a solid foundation IMO and when he “crosses over” it’s noticeable. I agree to disagree on some points but it’s got to be something cause he is the only one who gets hate for it. Why? I’m not here to prove I’m right. This is just my opinion on a long debated artist. I see some of your points are valid and in the end I hope Wale comes out with more wins than losses. We spend time diving into the psyche of these artist but only they truly understand their positions.

          • marty mcfly

            It did work for Wale and it worked on the first attempt Chiilin with Lada Gaga is what ultimately made Wale a world wide artist. His foundation before that could not have been anymore solid. The reason he gets hate for it is because it worked. If Wale was some broke ass irrelevant rapper then fools would be saying he dope but since he made it, people mad.

        • MusicHead

          B.O.B wayyyy worse.

        • HerringKingOfArt

          Wale is a “geek” from the hood, who grew up writing poems in a detention center. There’s no identity crisis, he is just different and that might rub people the wrong way.

          Forgive me for this comparison, but he’s sorta like Pac in that sense.

  • Lorant Mena

    Songs DOPE

    • Dang I missed it…time to find it on anther platform.

  • Sticky

    I hope this blows out of proportion and he leaves MMG

    • The issue here is that Meek technically is a better fit for MMG. Wale is probably the best lyrically when he really hones in but Meek has that MMG sound down to a T.

  • AlexFirth91

    Song is fire. MMG is wack if they back this nigga Meek Up, Wale was there first. Now if he leaves I could see why, Meek a cocky nigga for someone that sounds like they got a missing neuron. Real rap, Meek got hype off Ross, where Wale got hype off his own shit.

  • Phantastica

    this is the wale the people want!!

  • there’s a college-essay-length argument going on about this somewhere in the c-section but i gotta say… Wale never “crossed over” to the “other side” or whatever the fuck yall are talking about. he’s either hopping on a track thats on some relatable shit with him (mostly women), or he gives HIS perspective on songs that he gets invited to spit on by dudes who are about that life — SOMETIMES; and you can always tell the difference.

    There’s a goddamn reason he’s doing spoken word next to drake on diced pineapples and sat out on the sessions Mafia Music and War Ready. Wale’s found his identity in the game; it’s just not linear. He’s talented.

    “In the ‘burbs, I’m ghetto/In the hood, I’m well over they head sometimes…”

  • Dick Swellz

    the simple fact alone that u guys on here having this debate about Wale and his career is a testament of where he stands. u’r opinion of if he sold out doesn’t matter. if u think he’s trash or if u think he’s the greatest doesn’t matter. i’m pretty sure every REAL mc does this outta love, and if they can get paid from it………….excellent. i see it as either u add to the culture or u’r just an embarrassment to it. a great orator, thought provoking dialog and/or subject matter, intelligence, advocate for uplifting the race/culture. grown man shit. what matters most to u? a good track. a bouncy groove to make ya head bob. a catchy hook/chorus. if u really love this music, then u know no emcee has what u’r lookin for all the time. it’s not possible. stop debating and tearing the good ones down, build the real ones up and cut loose the garbage ass phonies just in it to get a paycheck, while destroying our youth. LEVEL the fxck UP. peace.