• Arun Gopal

    Daylyt reminds of Batista's character in the Guardians Of The Galaxy movie.

  • Goldberg brian

    Another classic line from Daylyt (Little Richard line)

    And TRex been going harder than anyone in the house, dude is definitely hungry

  • fuh q

    daylyt vs diz was dope. that's how all battles should be, not all in each other face spittin and shit

  • Dante

    Dot Mobb finale...

  • Shapey

    Thats wack Diz had that... i dont know if i watched the same thing yall seen but it was easy to tell Diz deserved a "W"

  • http://newslavez.tumblr.com/ 3rdeye2hiiigh

    lyt got saved once again........mmmmm i hate to say this but weather rex has a better verse at the end of the day day will walk out wth the win...

  • crackpot87

    curious george eating his first meal on vine...LOL!

  • fonzo517

    lets get it day

  • Damon Jaafar

    Daylyt won because he was sharp the whole 1:30 and Diz had a break like he lost his train of thought.