• fonzo517

    jalen rose!!

  • http://Goldpit.net/ Bergil St. Juste

    Jesus...That boy can rap

  • CockBoy

    the game and wiz khalifa used same sample on "taylor made"

  • xastey

    Reminds me I need to order this battle

  • writerstale619

    This is hip hop. This is what hip hop is at it's core. Folks like Young Thug and Migos are garbage hands down unanimously compared to rhymes like this. Get'em Royce!

    • Frank Kennedy

      Idk if it's a sign of me getting old, or he's just that new... But I have no clue who young thug is. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Hugh G. Dickson

    haha Royce can't drive FAKE - his career over like his driving

  • Arun Gopal

    I thought swizzy produced Start It Up?

    • Jae Brown

      nah he was just yelling all over it

  • JaffarR

    I love Slaughterhouse. Really want to see Crooked I in a battle.