Drake & Chris Brown In The Studio

blame it on Shake July 11, 2014

Looks like Drake and Chris Brown’s issues with each other are officially over as the two were spotted together in the studio, earlier today. No word on what is being created, but we have no doubts this duo can produce something awesome. Stay tuned.

  • Breezy ‘I’m telling you I paid that parking meter and they still towed my murrafucking car’…Drizzy ‘Word’.

  • Cpr196

    Man, they’re probably swapping stories like “Yeah Breezy, I hit that thang on the low!” “Yo, man you know I hit that on the high! around the cheek, right in the eye! Wait, what were we talking about?”

  • Goldberg brian

    This is some dope ass shit! Nice to see these two talented brothers in the studio, make some hits and stop worrying about these hoes

    • NYCityKid

      Pac is a funny ass nigga

      • Goldberg brian

        Real ass dude too

        • NYCityKid


  • It’s True Sorry

    If we team together Jayz really can’t do shit… *Lookin ass

  • Jay Daniels

    Stop reaching for jokes C-Section.

  • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

    drake will come out with another piece to the rnb puzzle. Unfortunately no one will take Chris Brown serious as a rapper

  • madslut

    eat my ass

    • madslut

      sorry i take it back…

  • Why Drake bullshittin’ about being double cupped up? Nigga we know your Doug Funny-ass probably got Fiji water at room temperature in that pic.

    • Mt

      Dumbass nigga. No one “double cups” red plastic cups. Fucking hater.

      • Dat nigga

        Lmao can he live?

      • Quasi.OG

        lol funny thing is Drake is doing it in the pic

    • Shut the fuck up please.

  • New Shiz

    On the next episode of “beefin’ over bitches” Drake & Common make up in the studio.

    • madslut

      make out in the studio****

  • Justin Chunks

    This picture is funny af
    Chris Brown: “Ugh! Take that Rih Rih!”
    Drake: “I don’t know if we should do this, Chris.”


      Tahahaha thats actually kinda funny
      ..mmman u cant hate on this though. This is a good move


  • DH

    Love it when people can put the BS aside, Wish Pac and Biggie could’ve done that.