Eminem Brings Out Dr. Dre at Wembley Stadium

blame it on Illy July 11, 2014

Before he kicks off his co-headlining “Monster Tour” alongside Rihanna, Eminem became the first rapper to headline London’s Wembley Stadium in London on Friday night. The big surprise: Dr. Dre. The Apple executive joined Slim Shady on stage at the 90,000-capacity seat venue for “Still D.R.E.,” “Next Episode,” “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang” and “Forgot About Dre.” Watch the two share the stage above.

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  • Arun Gopal

    Did not expect this at all…

  • VoiceofReason


    • Uptown Stunna

      HELL NO !! Em is top 10 but he is not the GOAT. He only gets super hyped because he’s white. If he was black he would never get the type of respect as he gets now. why do you think he sold all them records ? Its not just the fact that he’s good its that white people always support people they feel comfortable with

      • madslut

        who is?

        • Uptown Stunna

          Birdman… is that a trick question ?

          • madslut


      • agreed big time

      • Johnny Boy

        Em ain’t top 10 either…lol.

      • Black Crime Rate

        Agreed. I’d say Nas is GOAT, his voice, flow, lyricism, content is unparalleled.

        Em is hard to even listen to, especially since he went so pop and turned his back on hardcore/underground hip-hop.

        • Uptown Stunna

          Yeah Im saying. I would be Torn between Nas and Pac. I say Nas for all the reason you said. I would say Pac because though he wasnt the most lyrical he’s song had a lot of substance in them. That almost everybody can relate to. Plus he wasnt one dimensional he had the songs that made you think but then he had the songs you can turn up to.

      • peaceofpi

        What does being white have to do with GOAT status? His skin color definitely affected his popularity, but it for sure didn’t affect his skill level. If you wanna say he’s not the GOAT, give a real reason. You’re one of those fuckers who just jumps at the chance to pull the race card whether it’s relevant or not.

        • Uptown Stunna

          Well I did just tell you that White people buy albums and his skin color because of that made him become the Highest Selling rapper of all time. Im not saying Em isnt dope he’s just overhyped by the white media like he’s hip hop’s great white hope. And him being white DOES AFFECT his status to a degree. It doesnt completely knock him off from being a legend that he is. It just shows his fan base is bias. Case and Point when I was a freshman I went to a mostly white college and I had 3 white roommates. They were cool guys, but they listened to rock & punk and didnt listen to or know much about rap. But best believe they had Eminem’s album. Now why would they ONLY have Em’s album ? why not a Pac album ? or a Outkast album ? or a Snoop album ? So you cant say Im pulling the race card when its the truth. White people always say that when Black people bring up race trying to make us feel bad when we’re speaking the truth.

          • peaceofpi

            Stop trying to justify the shit, man. I’m not arguing against Em’s fame being due to his skin color. That’s obviously true. I’m arguing that you’re a moron for saying he can’t be the GOAT because of that. What? Is GOAT status reserved for black people who aren’t famous?

            All you’re telling me is that white people listen to Eminem, but that’s got nothing to do with how he can rap circles around a lot of other rappers. I’m not saying Em is the GOAT, but I think he pretty easily could be. Know why? Cause he’s a fucking good rapper, not cause he’s white. You can dance around that all you want. I’m done here.

          • Leonard Washington

            So your case study for proving white people are musically bias when it comes to hip hop is the genre choices of three white people you roomed with? This seems iron clad tell me more.

          • Uptown Stunna

            I also found out that White people dont use wash cloths

          • Leonard Washington


        • Juherd

          Some idiots think you can’t be the GOAT if you popular.

          EM THE GOAT. EVEN IF HE WAS CHINESE. He got lyrics, songs, emotion, everything

          • Leonard Washington

            FACT. Its insanity. I swear to god some black people really believe white people only buy Em albums. Its like we are a fucking Richard Pryor joke or something lol. Hey there hold my turkey sandwich I gotta go get a couple more Em records in case the others break. I know I like these other rappsters but if my SSLP breaks I might just spill my tea on my corduroys so sorry Hov its more EM for me lol. Forshizzle!

      • Leonard Washington

        Em is easily top three. Nas is the GOAT. What characterizes a pop rap song??? A female vocalist??? Because if thats the case Jay’s been doing it longer than Em. I love the hypocrisy of these statements on how pop Em is or how his color is his biggest asset. Is Tiger Woods only popular because he is part black?? Or is he just amazing at what he does and have a track record of dominance?? What so Jay and Ye can do a bunch of singles/songs with Beyonce/Mariah/Rihanna/Nicki/Foxy Brown ect. and thats not pop/rap??? Why cause they have more swag or something?? Seems like a flimsy argument to say Em is more pop than any of the other big dogs still rapping in the upper echelon today. If anything Em leaned on it later in his career than most. As for him being white meaning he ain’t near the top thats racist bs. I can understand in the beginning the hype around a white artist in a mostly black art form might have gave him some momentum, but time has passed and he still outsells everyone so people gotta just stop its starting to sound bitter. Jay and Drake talk money all day and when they do it that means their the best but Em drops a couple Diamond records they will never have on the table and because hes white its dismissed?? Fuck that.

    • The Don Killuminati

      Pac was like Jesus, Nas wrote the bible.

  • Frank Kennedy

    when does detox drop? i forgot

    • Arun Gopal

      In a thousand years

    • madslut

      march, 3023. just wait a lil longer bro

    • madslut

      march, 3023. just wait a lil longer bro

    • I wouldnt be surprised if it’s done and just waiting to pop out of nowhere for 2015. Everything is a surprise these days.

  • StudentOfTheGame

    wooooow i wish i was there



  • Moonie

    Video removed by user..lame

  • danielathegoat

    Fuck 2dopeboyz!!

  • j4ipod94

    I went on the Saturday showing. It was a lot better. Friday’s sound problems were fixed and Danny brown brought on Asap Rocky to perform 1 train. Odd Future were brilliant and Eminem was surreal

  • Beard Gawd

    This guy sold out WEMBLEY. Your favourite rapper can’t do that.