• espyy

    This is... AMAZING

  • http://crvck.com ONMY88SHiT

    Need more episodes from the Live From the Streets series.. that shit too dope.. Gangsta Gibbs on this pan flute sample beat is fuckin ill!

  • Big V

    God... this is how you start a good weekend. DOPE !

  • http://peopleofwalmart.com YoMayka

    Shit was corny a year ago... still corny. Concept is dope but the finished product is always sub par. And Gibbs still wrecked it.

  • The ArchAngel Michael

    This shit is fire. Gibbs and Apollo got on it, and that flute bass line combo is the business.

  • alois24KB

    Freddie Gibbs never misses a verse.. Damn

  • BlackSlaam

    gibbs went dumb on this, mr. green lame as fuck tho

    • ivemar80

      He's still one of the best out IMO