Jay Electronica Brings Out JAY Z, J. Cole, Mac Miller at BK Hip-Hop Festival

blame it on Illy July 12, 2014

Photo courtesy of Life+Times

The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival celebrated its 10 year anniversary at the Brooklyn Bodega with one of its biggest events yet. Raekwon and Jay Electronica headlined the show with a ton of surprise guests.

Mac Miller joined Jay Electronica for their “Suplexes Inside of Complexes & Duplexes” collaboration. J. Cole and Talib Kweli joined Electronica for a first-time performance of the Reflection Eternal track, “Just Begun.” And the big surprise was JAY Z sharing the stage with Jay Electronica for “Shiny Suit Theory,” “We Made It” and “P.S.A. (Public Service Announcement).”

Watch clips from the show down below.

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  • Jo

    So we ain’t going to talk about Mac Miller forgetting his verse and badly trying to freestyle?

  • marty mcfly

    Man, I aint seen the brothas with the bow ties come out in a minute. In the words of the Rza “the Gods is here man, the Gods is here”. DOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…

    • PTK

      lol dick rider



    • Freid Sampleton

      Said that to Pusha T and ya niggas only bought 100k sad



      • Sticky

        Pusha’s dope but when there are 30+ albums a year that I want to buy, I don’t feel bad not supporting rappers who let me know how much more money they have than me. So unless Jay really goes through some life changes I think I’ll be supporting that

  • NC0310

    Man why do these rappers keep associating themselves with Mac…

    • TK

      Cuz he’s raw, breh. People need to understand Mac Miller’s been gassing for years now.

      • NC0310

        He has his moments but he just comes off as corny to me most of the time, but to each his own bruh

  • SO FUCKING DOPE! Can’t believe Jay did the Young & Gifted freestyle!

    • S. Malik

      WORD!!! When I heard the beat I lost it. The crowd was screaming so loud you could barely here his verse though.I’ll have to go back and listen to my video and see how it sounds.

      • Hahahaha I bet man! So fucking crazy.

        • Sterling Wadsworth

          can’t believe these niggas let cj fly go on after Hov doe

  • Keem

    Fuck Jay Z!!!! he the reason the live stream went off line….. I was watching Jay Elec and then that ‘special guest’ we were waiting on and boom ‘offline’

  • Mike Scott

    Mac wack.

  • Meankickz

    too bad bum ass Jay Elec’s album aint ever dropping