• Dante

    Shouts out to Derick G. Been following him since the dopeboyz posted that Jordan spread with Claudia Sampedro

  • http://tooclutch4tv.tumblr.com DC95

    Her sweatshirt says it all!!!

  • https://twitter.com/_SimeonA703 LBN-3805

    She got no stomach

    • ShowMeUrTits

      I think that's the point of being fit.

      • https://twitter.com/_SimeonA703 LBN-3805

        I know I'm complementing her figure

    • https://elitemuzik.net/ DJ Eternity

      Sounds like hate me

      • https://twitter.com/_SimeonA703 LBN-3805

        No it was a complement, how about you stop looking for hate

  • https://twitter.com/_SimeonA703 LBN-3805

    I don't even trust these photos anymore cause these days the women be coating their face with tons of makeup and photographers be photoshopping so from now on post a pic of them in the morning about 5 mins after they wake up

  • thebuddha

    that trcuk doe! lol

  • It’s True Sorry

    Cute, where the ass doe...

  • PacMan


  • $nicka

    She nice but where the chocolate?



  • http://www.soundcloud.com/adipre13 Adi Pre

    Straight up bad, but fuck a smile wouldn't hurt.

  • KING14

    Christ almighty.

  • Mr. Scare Your Girl

    She's hot...terrible poses, however.

  • corbu

    yall could find fault in jesus

  • Guest

    she hot. but, shit posing, shit camera work. Saturday Night Amateur Hour.

  • ball666

    she hot, but shit modeling, shit camera work. Saturday Night Amateur Hour.

  • Frank Kennedy

    Id have to think about It

    • malcyvelli

      nigga yousa fairy

  • malcyvelli

    I mean, she'd definitely get smashed but let's have some integrity to actual modeling. The cam work average af and she looks like she's honestly never been in front of a photographer before. She's a pretty girl though.

  • writerstale619

    I just want to fuck her again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again.... and again.

  • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

    She is ok, nothing to extraordinary.