Ab-Soul – Hunnid Stax f. ScHoolboy Q & Mac Miller (Video)

blame it on Shake July 14, 2014

Directed by Adam Roberts.

Now that Soulo’s These Days… LP (which outside of 2-3 songs, is pretty damn good) is available on iTunes, the Druggys Wit Hoes (and Mac Miller) drop off the official video for their latest connection, “Hunnid Stax.” Check it out above.

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  • 2DBZ

    Who gettin’ that dough?

    • deez nuts

      who gettin that gwap?

  • Sidney Leroy

    Q kinda wigged on this joint tho. Like he wasnt saying nuffin to crazy but it was, a perfect verse for this type of joint. He was floating.

    • Jay Daniels

      He creezed all over it that’s for sure.

  • M Gar

    I’m pretty much in agreement with Shake just want to know which 3 songs you not feelin bro. Only ones that don’t get replay for me are the intro and Twact

    • 2DBZ

      The pairing of “Twact” and “Just Have Fun” wasn’t it for me. Take those two out and I’m set.

      • ForeverWePush

        Just have fun is the best song on the album imo…different strokes for different folks

        • AndOneill

          my fav track off the Album 2 man! dopeness, reminds me of old Soul

        • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

          I agree Sapiosexual was meh to me. Just have fun easily one of the best songs, the production on it was crazy, it is on constant rotation from me and my niggas.

        • MusicHead

          Just Have Fun & Feelin Us fire.

        • Jay Daniels

          I love JHF. Great track.

    • cam

      I didn’t like Sapiosexual. Other than that I likes the album. I liked Twact!! Hahah

    • hiiipower

      twact & sapiosexual only 2 songs i dont like

  • Enjoyer of Music

    Nah album’s weak bruh

    • Jay Daniels

      Agree. Shame coz C/S was a TDE classic.

    • Johnny Boy


  • espyy


    • Johnny Boy

      What’s overrated?

      • espyy


        • Johnny Boy


          • espyy

            I saw your comments, you are a soulo’s dickrider. He just dropped an average album, we got a thousand albums like that every year.

          • Johnny Boy

            I’m a dickrider because I want to know what your opinion on why Ab-Soul is overrated? Lmao. Foh

  • This was stupid.

  • soulonice_

    I took some songs out and added some shit he made from 2012-2014. Its straight to me.

    • AndOneill

      whats the tracklist man??

      • soulonice_

        1-6 is the same 7.Just have fun 8. K.Dot interlude 9. Only 1 10.Closure 11.You’re Gone 12.The End is Near 13.Stigmata 14.Feelin Us 15.Ride Slow 16.W.R.O.H.
        wanted Nibiru in there but it doesn’t fit. And I don’t really like Feelin Us but kept it anyway

        • leumas01

          Christopher Droner??

          • Jay Daniels


        • MusicHead

          Feelin Us fire!!

          • Jay Daniels

            Or Nah.

        • J.Farrow

          I agree with that. I think you’re right Niburu doesn’t fit but it’s a good one.

          • Jay Daniels

            It could fit. Keep 1-8 the same. 9. The End Is Near. 10. Nibiru 11. Only 1 12. Christopher DRONEr 13. Stigmata 14. Ride Slow 15. WROH

          • Jay Daniels

            Or do Nibiru > Only 1 > Droner > End is Near > Stigmata

  • Starks

    Shit was mediocre

  • factsonly

    this song kinda sucks

  • $nicka

    those egos looked so good

  • Dave

    Ready for a new Mac project. Dude been hella creative these days. No pun intended.

  • Johnny Boy

    All the haters…lol.

    Good shit Soul. Keep making them mad.

    • factsonly

      lol nobody hating man. this album was just really basic and this song was bad man i wish him the best of luck with the next project

      • Johnny Boy

        I disagree.

        I actually liked this album. Even more than Oxymoron. Oxy was what you guys think of ”These Days…” to me.

        But, both of us got different preferences, I guess.

  • Jay Daniels

    Delete Twact, Closure, Sapiosexual & Feelin’ us. Add Christopher DRONEr as bonus track. And i’m happy to listen to it. Still not as good as GKMC and Oxy though.

    • Jay Daniels

      Also set W.R.O.H stop time at 4:30 in itunes.

    • Ja

      of course not

  • willj

    Damn… What happened to wanting to rap laps around Jay-Z?

  • Ohms

    ohhhhhhh soulo eatin’ now. I see you

  • Basic

    Fuck everything else, CAROL SELEME!!!