AB (Adrien Broner) - 40 f. Rick Ross (Video)

Directed by DRE Films.

Taking a break from the ring, former boxing champ Adrien Broner links up with Rick Ross for his latest music video.


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  • never not funny.

  • Juherd

    Man, some guys. You just wish God never gave them money. Adrien Broner is one of them.

    • mega mega

      well he rich...stop hating bitch

  • Goldberg brian

    Shake and the rest of you faggots can hate on this man but the dude is talented, #NeverForget??? what his first and only loss? Even Ali took some L's (Real Champs can bounce back from a loss) I bet you (Shake) wouldn't step in the ring with him tho

    But anyway that was a dope ass beat! Peace Out

    • People HAVE to stop using this arguement... No, I, nor Shake, nor YOU, would dare step into the ring against Adrian (we're not boxers...). But no one's hating, bro. Shake posted a couple funny pics and the song aint bad, but seriously he must've said the word "forty" like fifty times. (I avoided the obvious joke on purpose.. thank me later)

      • Correction** I think I might have smelled some vodka and haterade on Juherd's breath a minute ago

  • Dave

    This is way better than his first song. Ross really saved it from that repetitive bullshit. Song was way too long as well. Shoukd of ended it after Ross verse.

  • Uptown Stunna

    Its crazy Both AD and Ross have the same amount of experience of dealing with cocaine

  • stay_blunted_sd

    That drop is more than "forty"

    Id give this 40 Nopes if I could


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