So, Kanye West Was On A Reality Show (Pre-Kim)…

blame it on Meka July 14, 2014

The celebrated bastion of hip hop journalism, TMZ, uncovered this pilot episode about some guy, Brett Grolsch, who is/was a “travel agent to the stars” (which, in the era of e-ticketing, is amazing). In this small clip, we see Kanye and his longtime friend/manager Don C in need of Brett’s services, while Kanye tells a story on how he avoids fans (you know, before he started throwing hands at them).

  • SoulBrothaNum2

    ……… aiight

  • Dave Megget

    kanye also had an HBO-produced pilot some odd years ago that never got picked up you guys should post that right now and break it as news


    and than he begin to be a extra asshole

    • factsonly

      and u became a dumbass

  • writerstale619

    Funny guy. Let him be Seth Rogen and saying these things; and he’s getting love. Kanye’s breaking a mold to be an outspoken man of African ancestry. Salute this man!

  • The Don Killuminati

    Kanye never attacked a fan….that didn’t deserve it.

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