• hova

    hahaha you see Jay-E kiss Jay-Z on the neck???

    • Guest

      you could tell he felt a little uncomfortable after that lol

      • hova

        Also- Z seemed kinda tight when E grabbed him in the beginning- he had to grab him back to get even. And again when E cut off Z at the opening of PSA

      • marty mcfly

        Jay Elect is a compulsive person. Anybody who's been watching him this long should know that already. He's been a little awkward since he came out but with those kinda people at least you know they not putting on an act or turning into some sorta character as a rapper. Jay Elec just does shit, sometimes its like wtf but thats just him. I didnt see no funnystyle shit going on btw but I wasn't looking for that either. Just sayin

        • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

          oh word, he came out? was awkward for frank too at first

          • marty mcfly

            Homophobia itself is suspect. As a straight man even having a gay thought makes you a fruit cake imo.

    • DIesel

      Did you see Jay E rip the mic to pieces tho?

  • Q Z A

    Y'all reachin with the whole uncomfortable vibe.

    • FireMadeFlesh

      Right. No love for them nasty bars Electronica just spit; the focus goes toward a split second thing. I really didn't think it was that serious.

  • Q Z A

    Best footage I've seen of the show yet so that's dope