Waka Flocka – I Can’t Rap Vol. 1 (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake July 14, 2014

After countless remixes (all of which were surprisingly impressive), Waka Flocka links up with DJ Whoo Kid to provide his latest mixtape, I Can’t Rap Vol. 1. With features from Troy Ave, BJ the Chicago Kid and others, Fozzie looks to silence his haters and show that he can actually spit.

Stream/download below to see if his goal was reached.

DOWNLOAD: Waka Flocka – I Can’t Rap Vol. 1 (Mixtape)

  • Dave

    At least he’s being honest.

  • espyy

    Iep, we know you can’t rap.

    • Dru Bonic

      Did you listen? His flow is much more complex and thought out from normal ignant stuff. I’m not saying he’s Immortal Technique or anything but still good stuff.

  • realavance

    Honestly Waka Flocka has progressed fucking light years from when he first started in the game, majority of people just hate because he makes trap music

    • Lennox

      I don’t care how you want to spin it. Waka just can’t rap. Like he’s said himself. There are people who talk about the same things Waka talk about but can actually rap. Ever heard of Pusha T, Young Jeezy, Bun B, etc?

      • madslut

        Waka on this mixtape tape definitely sounds better than Jeezy. He sucks

        • Lennox

          You’re just a Waka fan. So of course you would say that.

          • YeDaTruth

            I never like Waka aside from “hard in the paint”, but Waka has definitely improved a lot, and his delivery is very energetic. I’m going to DL this tape. You don’t have to like Waka, but don’t assume people who are impressed with his recent improvements are “waka fans”

      • realavance

        I never said Waka could rap, I just said he has progressed a lot from the days of like Flockaveli.

        Of course I have. I don’t need to make this reply longer then it has to be. Imo this is some more gym music for me.

  • Ohms

    it’s actually “I Can Trap vol.1”
    shit goes tho

    • disqus_pyrGXaSTDx

      the awkward moment a waka flocka title goes over peoples heads

      • AmIDickRidingyet

        I mean, who actually expected something like that from the guy who gets mentioned next to Gucci and Roscoe Dash?

    • If that’s the case, why is there an apostrophe between the “n” and the “t”; you know, like the fuckin’ contraction “can’t”?

      Waka has improved as a rapper but ya’ll givin’ this nigga accolades as high as this is the equivalent of congratulating Mary J from goin’ cold turkey on crack to just doin’ coke lines.

      She still 2 features on an Ace Hood mixtape from getting her sex tape “leaked”. That ain’t worth commending.

      • Josh Tramel

        It’s called a “play on words”. You can’t really spell a play on words. You can only use it in context. But he obviously went way over your head if you can’t realize it. Lol!

  • Guest

    I fuck wit 3 gold chains, keep the rest tho

  • stevie

    you guys are just jealous waka saved hip-hop this man deserves a daytime emmy and lifetime of cool ranch doritos for flexing on youngins that gave him hatred, he made Nas proud….something or boy jermaine didn’t do. *tears up…audience applauds*

  • jaybee502

    i’ll pass

  • Dru Bonic

    This mixtape is nice fo sho… but i’m scared too many people wont be objective enough to listen to the lyrics to make a rational decision if he can really “RAP” or “NOT” as if their rules to that ish anyways.

  • Thuglas

    I fucked with Flockaveli and then completely tuned out everything Waka did until this tape. Shit goes. He stepped up his rapping big time.

  • SouloHo

    that 3 chains joint pops though! in the gym mean muggin!

  • Josh Tramel

    The only thing that pisses me off about this is the DJ. He uses Mortal Kombat one shots like spaceghostpurrp. Bitin ass.