• Arun Gopal

    Wiz and Spitta always make dope music.

  • fox

    Wiz content rarely changes but he really knows how make good songs........and he pretty much carved his own lane. Nobody really sounds like him.

  • http://rapgenius.com/T9FTW T9FTW

    Ghost Loft?

    • soulonice_

      Right lol

      • dees_nics

        listen to the ghost loft song with that same title....i can see wiz flippin that pretty nicely.

        • soulonice_

          I just listened, I agree.

  • Dave Megget

    cant wait for a new Chevy Woods verse he's the best rapper ever. Can anyone point me to a bad Chevy Woods verse??? I didn't think so!!!

  • StudentOfTheGame

    did young thug really do that? like for real??? lmao

    • DIesel

      thats some real nigga grind wiz cant even be mad

  • Dave

    Really looking forward to that Curren$y feature.

  • Ohms

    that gif is a mindfuck brah

  • http://actordas.wordpress.com HollyBlackWood

    Hoping this album is more of his mixtape sound. A Curren$y feature will always get a spin from me ... Ill DL it tho #sidebar he brought me back with that #WeDemBoysRemix ... I fucks with that heavy #salute #simple

  • http://www.bf3ars.blogspot.com/ bfears

    that gif tho