Diddy, Ma$e & Others Recount Making Of “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down”

blame it on Meka July 17, 2014

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Back before he went through some 50-11 name changes, Poppa Diddy Diddy Puff Fun Size was embarking on a solo career at the request of the recently-passed Notorious B.I.G. His formal introduction, “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” (which you can see below), was a grandiose display in opulence, wealth and whatever hashtag-worthy adjective, and in this latest episode of “Magnum Opus” he, alongside a variety of musical luminaries, speak on the record.

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  • Arun Gopal


  • Dat nigga


  • Tekwon

    Classic? Diddy alone pretty much is responsible for turning hip-hop into corny pop music. This was the beginning of the end of real rap.

    • Arun Gopal

      We need people like Puffy in hiphop. It makes Hiphop more fun lol

      • Yeezy99


    • Dat nigga

      who you listen to? some corny ass niggaz that got nothin to talk about. give respect where respect is due.

      • Tekwon

        Let’s see, The Artifacts, Boogiemonsters, Camp Lo, Company Flow, Dr. Octagon, Latyrx, Mood, OC, Rakim, Royal Flush, The Alkaholiks and a ton more had good albums that year that were fun and had a lot more to say then Puffy ever will. But because of cornball albums like No Way Out hip-hop didnt have a great year for music so odds are that year I was listening to stuff like Bob Marley or Burning Spear or Miles Davis or Funkadelic at that time more then rap.

        • ATK

          I agree. 1997 was a rough year for hiphop.

          Life After Death, Wu-Tang Forever, One Day It Will All Make Sense, In My Lifetime Vol 1, Fan-tas-tic, Uptown Sat Night, Soundbombing, Likwidation, I Got Next etc.

          They were all pretty bad…

          • Dat nigga

            Nigga said life after death was bad smh. These 2dbz lames man I tell you smh

          • I think that was sarcasm bruh

          • Dat nigga

            Lmao my bad too. What my nigga jadakiss say on paranoid remix, “the hate is at a all time high.” Gone be some collateral damage when I see nerds on that bullshit. I just go straight in.

            In a time, where major labels and companies are so dumb and stuck that they actually conduct business based off these retarded ass pure-hatred and jealousy comments, instead of actually quality and objectivity, a nigga like me gotta restore the balance. My bad for not reading throughly.

            Life after death was the better rap album, but no way out had the hits plus them album cuts like young gs, Is this the end and I love you baby. Don’t nobody makes pieces of work like that anymore cept Kanye, jay, and puff still. Don’t care what nobody say, last train to Paris was the r&b/pop equivalent to no way out. Just sad that good music doesn’t stand on its own anymore. It’s simply about public opinion and trends.

            Shit fuck it. I remember I use to ride thru the hood banging that ass on the floor remix and couldn’t nobody tell me nothin. The bitches knew what’s up. And the niggaz knew they couldn’t front on it lol

          • Dat nigga

            Press play had last night and everything I love as well. Give that nigga puff his dues and stop hatin. Ol jealous ass crabs lol.

        • Mitch

          Yeah No Way Out was a corn ball album:
          -All About the Benjamins? TRASH POSSE CUT – DJ KHALED IS BETTER
          -Missing You? WORST TRIBUTE EVER
          -I Love You Baby – BLACK ROB? DUDE WAS ASS
          -I Got the Power – LOX? REALLY? NOT EVEN STREET
          -Don’t Stop What You’re Doing – LIL KIM MAAAN FEMALE RAPPERS SHOULDN’T EVEN RAP

          Come on man, No Way Out was a classic album. Life After Death should have won that grammy, but we all know the Grammys never choose right. Regardless, you just sound like a hater right now. Saying that was the beginning of the end is completely wrong. The only rapper to do true hip-pop was Ja Rule and some other rappers did pop tracks, but that wasn’t even until 2002. ATK was right- in 1997 you had Eminem, DMX, Nas, Jay-Z, the Wu, Slum Village, Camp Lo, Common, Xzibit, Scarface, Warren G, Busta, and Bone Thugs. It seems like you enjoy a lot of underground/nitty gritty rap so this album may not be your favorite, but it was still a hell of an album.

          • Dat nigga

            Just cuz you wrote all that, don’t make you bright lol. Fact that you shitted on young gs, victory, I got the power, and I love you baby, makes you loose credibility, as a commenter lmao.

            A nigga that can hate on all bout the Benjamins is a hater for real, ask my nigga pharrell.

          • Mitch

            Did you read the full comment? It was all sarcasm lol. Guess it’s hard to show it on the internet, but all those songs are classics in my book. Even forgot about Been Around the World. Loved that CD. Puffy even got Twista on it before he was famous

          • Dat nigga

            Lol my bad. Thought you was cosigning the nigga up top. Saw all the bangers listed and went straight in lol. My bad lol

        • Dat nigga

          Fuck outta here, youz a lame. Only real niggas you got up there is rakim and miles Davis. Fuck outta here

  • Hood Oracle

    fuck all this…I wanna know where Puff got them shiny suits from

  • ifuxraw

    Diddy is non-stop entertainment lol. Idk what ya’ll talkin about #takethattakethat