• marty mcfly

    DOPE !!!

  • Rob Menace

    Wow Yes Shit yeah fuckin righteous

  • William Onehundred

    Red & styles!

  • AndOneill

    Nice joint! Large pro with the heat

  • Admir_Bonsoir

    What happen to the other one with
    M ega
    A ction Bronson
    R oc Marciano &
    S aigon ???

    • Q Z A

      I asked the same thing.

      But this whole album is bananas, definitely going to purchase!

    • espyy

      They said it was only a song, there is not a supergroup called MARS.

  • shake


  • Walnuts

    Incredible Line-Up

  • Sirilly

    I'm glad I just copped this, you guys should do the same.

  • IndigoRift

    Oh my motherfucking god I'm losing my shit. Mega, I already said I'd buy the damned album months ago; don't kill me before I get the cash. jesus christ