Saba – Comfort Zone (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake July 22, 2014

Finding new talent in Chicago is rather easy these days. Hell, at this point it feels like a daily routine. And for our latest addition to the DopeHouse, we’ve got Westside native Saba.

If the name sounds familiar, it may be from his appearance on Chance the Rapper’s ever popular Acid Rap project (“Everybody’s Something”). Or maybe his recent feature on “Realer Than Most” alongside Mick Jenkins, Dally Auston, NoName Gypsy and OnGuad. Or… you may already be a fan and this is all pointless ramble. Whatever the case may be, the kid is nice.

Avoiding the “chi-raq” raps, Saba delivers a solid 14-track project that offers a more approachable and soothing side of what the city’s got to offer in terms of music.

Stream/download Comfort Zone below.

  • windycityfab

    “I’m coming for your heart like im skeeting on ya chest” Saba

    • datbul


  • $nicka

    glad you guys put him on

  • Boomer

    Chicago has soooo much young talent yet I feel like everyone is trying to make the same type of songs, either drill or the Chance-esque voice

  • rolldatbud420

    from new York respect to this Chicago movement.

  • druggid

    Was using this as background music until 401k. God damn, I’m listening now.

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  • Dru Bonic