Chance The Rapper – I Am Very Very Lonely (Video)

blame it on Illy July 23, 2014

Chance The Rapper celebrated one year since AcidRap with the drop of the super brief “I Am Very Very Lonely.” Today, he’s decided to drop off a colorful clip for the short number.

Chance will play the Lollapalooza Music Festival 5 on August 3.

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  • feetslaflare


  • Frank Kennedy

    This dude got all that hype for that mixtape and then stopped making music

    • Crew’s Cunt Troll.

      Gucci got hype and nobody can’t stop him doing his trash.

      • Maria Rose


    • Mez D

      He’s been on tour/doing festivals straight for like a year. And he still hasn’t lost any steam really fanwise.
      Still, I want a new tape too.

      • maus

        He doesn’t rap anymore. It’s like he’s a wack Drake ’cause at least Drake sings to bitches… who the phuck does Chance sing to?

        • Mez D

          lmao this only song i heard him sing

          • maus

            He’s been on a ton of features lately – damn near singing on all of ’em. My girlfriend is a bigger Chance fan than I am and even she is tired of his singing. If you’ve heard Chance’s old stuff, he started solely as a rapper, then blew up with Acid Rap ’cause of his ability to do both, but lately it’s just been singin’. I love artists that improve and I’m all for change – I just don’t like Chance’s change since the fame came.

  • malcyvelli

    Whack. And I am a BIG Chance fan.

  • Justin Chunks

    “I’m Coming Over August 3″…I hope he’s not only talking about Lolla.

    • Bambi

      he is lol

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  • Nas

    this nigga a weirdo

  • alsdfj

    I fucked with this song right when it dropped. Don’t get why you’d make a short vid for an already short song tho…-_____-

  • FireMadeFlesh

    It’s the slow version of Shell Shocked.

  • Douglas Jamison

    Chicago Juke Movement…. Y’all just don’t understand…

    • maus

      How is this juke? What the hell is going on. Ah, phuck this generations of “original” artists. A bunch of childish hipsters, I tell ya gwat.

  • Dave

    [email protected] a 1 minute video. Got a nigga all hype for what.