• Cheeba G

    damn this video along with all the other stuff they've been putting out makes me so excited for this project to drop

  • Flyin_1stclass

    Has Dilated ever disappointed ?!

    • shake

      Not once.

  • who cares

    Such a dope video.

  • stay_blunted_sd

    This is gon be a masterpiece album from front to back

  • Thee Knockout Artist

    OMG this is gonna be crazy I just got a glimpse of the production ya 9th jake one ALC on this shit gonna be bannanas

  • Th3rd i

    Most underrated HIP HOP group of all-time. imo

  • http://www.praverb.net/ Praverb

    This album is seriously dope...playing it back while writing an album review...

  • Pizza Steve

    Can't wait!