DMX Freaking Out On An Amusement Park Ride Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

blame it on Meka July 29, 2014

I may be terrified of heights (so much so that I refuse to get window seats on airlines or won’t step out onto some balconies at times), but I certainly wouldn’t hit this level of apesh*t that DMX did when he and a friend tried a Sling Shot ride in Orlando. Fortunately this clip is heavily edited so you can watch it at work without fear of getting reprimanded, but still. Damn, homie.

  • I was wondering what DMX was up to the other day. I’m glad it’s doing all the drugs and going on roller coasters

  • Arun Gopal

    I love DMX. This nigga never fails to crack me up.

    • thatrandomguy

      True! emphasis on the word ‘Crack’.

      • Arun Gopal

        Lol. #PunsForDays

  • Jacob Daal


  • malcyvelli

    “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT!!!” Lmao. This is a sketch comedy skit in real life. Holy shit.

  • D.B. Long

    This nigga’s natural speech pattern are background vocals for his tracks LOL!

  • Justin Blantey

    DMX is one of a kind. Will still check out his next album :)

  • BSR

    Put a beat to that and it could of been any one of his tracks from Its Dark and Hell is Hot.

  • MEB

    crazy how he ain’t even know the guy plot twist

    • Moonie

      Hell yeah.. Thought they were homies til X asked where he’s from lol

  • RealWorldSteve

    LMMFAO! That shit gangsta…said no one about this TMZ clip, ever!

  • Guest

    Thinking that X really sounds like Mr T !!

  • branduhn

    If there was an hour long weekly show that just filmed DMX riding amusement rides…. I’d watch it.

  • “I got that”