Bobby Shmurda Makes TV Debut; Performs “Hot N*gga” On Revolt TV

blame it on Meka August 4, 2014

The buzzing rap rookie made his television debut today on Revolt Live with a discussion of best rappers and favorite albums and a performance of his ubiquitous single.

Somewhere in America, Lloyd Banks is not pleased.

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  • all those dudes rappin on stage with him is not cool

  • Culture Vulture

    My man took Banks’ record and RANNNNNN with it. Lmfao! This generation doesn’t give a fuck!

    • Prince Akeem

      acting like he aint get permission smh get over it

      • AlexFirth91

        Bruh, niggas just annoyed this lame dude caught wild attention with trash coon flows. Banks killed this and it should’ve stayed that way. I don’t hate Shmurda but he will be recognized for blowing up off a Banks track from 4 years ago.

        • Prince Akeem

          lol what does that matter? gunit blew up off of rapping over other people’s beats on mixtapes, how is this any different? banks himself got alot of buzz off his victory freestyle. so what is your point exactly?

          What’s funny is banks fans pretending they gave a fuck or even remembered this song until bobby schmurda rapped over it. It’s not his fault people liked his shit better.

          you guys are just bitter instead you should be grateful people are even talking about him.

          • Lunibin510

            I don’t think Lloyd Baks and G-Unit took other rappers’ tracks and made videos and ran with them as if it was full fledged single off their own album. They freestyled over other people’s hits and put them on mixtapes to create a buzz, not a profit. This kid’s income is solely riding on a track that’s not even his. But it’s whatever to me. I just see why people would have an issue.

          • Prince Akeem

            I hear you brother I just feel like he made this song his own and the nostalgia lloyd banks fans resent a new nigga shining while banks went unnoticed. I think the song is trash but I don’t see any core difference between this and the g unit freestyles.

          • Prince Akeem

            lloyd banks didnt even pay for the beat. its not his beat. lol

    • Prince Akeem

      was never his record nigga never paid for it smh

  • Meagan Good’s Titties

    Im not trynna sound like a hater. But this nigga has one hit wonder written all over him. I heard a few of his other songs and werent as impressed as “hot nigga”.

    • AlexFirth91

      He’s gonna last less than Trinidad James.

  • Ghost Of Len Bias

    He looks like he’s having fun and giving very few fucks. Hopefully he can create some tunes that reflect that vibe.

  • Juherd

    I do want to know if Banks got paid tho. Like this is his beat and Jahlil’s

    • Dave

      He never paid for it

      • Juherd

        Yes, Bobby Shmurda never paid for it. But Epic been selling the song as a single on iTunes. So that’s what I mean

        • Prince Akeem

          no, BANKS never paid for it!

          • Juherd

            Lmaao, yes man. A day after we was talking about this the video of Shmurda telling that came out.

  • deeznuts

    Trinidad James baby cousin, the one hit wonder family in full effect