Nicki Minaj – Anaconda (Behind The Scenes)

blame it on Illy August 7, 2014

Nicki Minaj takes us on the set of her upcoming video for “Anaconda” which you can pick up now on iTunes.

In others news (if you wanna call it that), Nicki also took part in a “secret” photo shoot, drenched in Alexander McQueen and Balmain. A few select shots, courtesy of My Pink Friday, can be seen below.

nicki-balmain-alexander-01 nicki-balmain-alexander-02 nicki-balmain-alexander-03 nicki-balmain-alexander-04 nicki-balmain-alexander-05

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  • ear2ear

    One side of me says it’s a free country, express yourself.

    Another side of me says damn its sad that you have to be slut to be relevant.

    AND another side of me says damn that ass is phat.

    • Freshsup

      Sometimes we gotta turn the other cheek… That’s a pun too

      • Arun Gopal

        I laughed and now I feel bad about it…

    • jdzz

      Oh but it’s fine for guys to talk about fucking lots of women in their songs?

    • jdzz

      Oh but it’s fine for guys to talk about fucking lots of women in their songs?

      • ear2ear

        That’s the point of my comment man…….read it again.

  • She looks awful in that photoshoot. She can’t even match and then she looks like a child in the last photo. Not sexy at all.

    • ayeyo

      How does she look awful and how does she look like a child? She looks fine.

  • biff tannen

    This bitch

  • Guest

    Why Nicki be looking White in professional pictures and videos, then when she goes out she’s black again

    • This what bothers me the most about the whole “controversy” about this single and its cover. Ain’t nobody say shit about how unnaturally light her complexion was but were full-on Protestant about her ass cheeks being out.

      It’s 2014 and we’re still shaming black bitches for being black?

      • And yeah I voted my own comment up. High five, me. Way to address sociopolitical shit on a site that had French’s remix of a song called “Hot Nigga” in its favorite section.

        • Ace

          they really had that in the favorites? lol

  • NYCityKid

    It puzzles me how much guys hate on Nicki. I fucking love this bitch. If Nicki is ugly/wack/corny to you. Nigga you gay. And these gay niggas with the “slutting herself out” comments please stfu. It’s 2014 women are way more sexual now and it’s not a bad thing.

    • ayeyo

      How does thinking Nicki is wack/corny make you gay? What kind of retarded reasoning is that? Also gay people love Nicki. If they were gay they would be praising her not dissing her.

      • NYCityKid

        All she talks about is sex and shows off her body? What else is there to be calling her wack or corny about? Hating on a chick cause she does that makes you kinda gay. And I’m not on a homophobe rant this ain’t nothing about gay people who obviously have all types of taste in music and they obviously all don’t praise Nicki Minaj. What I meant by gay was acting like a bitch and not appreciating a sexy ass chick.

      • Cheeba G

        he meant “gay” in a Riley Freeman way… c’mon dude

  • dookieNmuhDRAWS

    Literally pressed mute and watched……