DJ Skee Quits Radio

blame it on Shake August 12, 2014

After years and years in the game, including time at KIIS FM and Hip-Hop Nation, DJ Skee has called it quits… from the radio. Hear why in PSA above.

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  • Yesurcorrect

    Real shit!!! Salute to DJ Skee for doing this. Radio really does suck now (although I don’t hate hiphopnation on seriousxm). I want to blow my head off because of all the DJ Mustard beats they keep force feeding down my throat this summer. All corporate bullshit these days

    • Johnny Boy

      All the hate for Mustard…smh. What did he do to you personally?

      • Arun Gopal

        he is just talking about how all these beats sound the same on the radio. I dont think he has a personal vendetta against Mustard lol

        • Johnny Boy

          The music on the radio has been sounding the same since forever. It’s all mainstream pop at the end of the day. Each time period just has its own PARTICULAR sound. It’s just Mustard’s time now but, I’ve been seeing a lot of hate being thrown his way for no reason. He’s just making music. That’s all.

          • Walnuts

            Your obviously a young boy Johnny. Back in the day, yea radio got paid to play SOME shit. But they also played many other artists who were outside the mainstream, who were true lyricists and musicians, who were just coming up, etc.

            I actually really like DJ Mustard. Just saw him live a couple weeks ago in DC. I think the point of the yesurcorrect post was that that radio no longer plays a variety of music. Every station has essentially the same playlist and mostly it’s because the record industry pays so-called DJ’s to play the songs a certain amt of times a day.

          • Johnny Boy

            Radio plays what’s popular, and always has been so of course his music is going to get play but, I agree there needs to be more balance. There really hasn’t been any balance since the 90’s tho.

          • Guest

            “Radio plays what’s popular”
            No, radio defines what’s popular by playing the same stuff over and over again. That’s how mainstream hits are made.

          • Cpr196

            Well yeah, but now when we got things like Spotify we don’t need to compromise.

      • Yesurcorrect

        I have nothing against him.. some of his beats are dope my only knock is that they sounds very similar and thats not his fault hes doin his thing making his money.. but I live in NY and unfortunately still listen to the radio alot in my car and every song is mustardonthebeathoe and its mostly these new R&B dudes on the track and I am so sick of hearing it bc they play it over and over again. Not his fault just lack of originality from radio.

        • Johnny Boy

          Word, word.

  • Jase L

    He Helped Contribute To A Bunch Of Dope Projects And Plus It’s About Damn Time Someone Took A Public On Television Stance On The Bullshit That’s Out On The Radio #MadFuckingRespect

    • Ralphie Got Da Strap

      You Must Really Like Capital Letters

      • Jase L

        Yeah, I Love Capital Letters As Much As Inmates Love “Capital Punishment”

  • ayeyo

    He speaking the truth.

  • .Trillion.

    I haven’t listened to the radio in years.

    • Black Crime Rate

      For real

  • GetDexed

    Respect! Real shit right there. I hope this can start a change.

  • james

    The radio sucked when he was 16 too. Don’t know what he’s talking about.

  • xastey

    Right when I put on Break Lights.

  • MidKnightMaRawder

    Who the fuck listens to radio? How are you not smart enough to know what you like and put it in your phone or ipod?

    • Walnuts

      The tragedy is thT it shouldn’t be that way. Radio should bring new listeners in to original music. But I absolutely agree with you

  • Igotcha(HHG)

    I ain’t listened to the radio in 13 years. Once they got rid of the underground mix, every friday/sat night, it was fuck it time.

  • AlexFirth91

    Dope, he’s probably launching an app or better. I wish him well the Radio is a sham and has been for quite some time. Angie Martinez finally quit but wait took over power 105. No one gets a chance anymore, and these corporate pigs can just pile up billions while these same puppet employees talk that BS. Respect music.

    • KingYo!

      He already has an app. You can stream his mixes. Very tight.

      • AlexFirth91

        Word I’ll check it good lookin.

  • Flyin_1stclass

    Radio’s days are numbered.

  • Timbo

    If you have a cell phone from post 2009 you shouldn’t be listening to the radio anyway. Much respect to Skee. Radio is terrible now.

  • Quasi.OG

    Should link back up with Charles Hamilton

    • Walnuts

      Says nobody

      • Quasi.OG

        CH is an acquired taste either you tolerate him or you think he’s trash. What can I say *shrugs*



  • Pat

    dj skee with that real shit

  • TDE where Jay Rock @ tho?

    I respect you DJ Skee, but our world ain’t no “The Hunger Games” Hip-Hop is what Hip-Hop is nowadays and I’m still in my early 20’s smh but I hope for change to though!

  • Lego Dre

    Music turned corporate, so did the niggas without even knowing it, I’ve seen people call artist that are now dominate in the game, struggle rap in the past 10years, radio, TV, even blogs now wait for a co-sign, a Major Record Label Contract, or a bandwagon to dick ride a new artist. Yes I know there is a plethora of new talent emerging every second, but Good Music is Good Music, no matter if the artist fanbase is only 15 people to a 1million. Major Record label reps should be the only people that have this mind frame, because we are talking about investing millions of revenue into someone’s dream hoping to make a profit off of it, why do you do it ? if you familiar with me you would know I worked for 3 Majors and seen the behind the scene’s bullsh*t, fans need to support independents and go buy albums that “THEY” like, not what everybody say’s is hot or next, or what’s being forced fed to you into believing , you know pimps breakdown women , and when the woman is broken she don’t even know how to have her own mind, the PIMP tell her how she should dress, act, what’s in, what’s not, who she should give her money to, how to move, that’s what this game coming too, music fans becoming the new hoes. Salute to Skee.

  • New millennium Nat turner

    Hairline on life support.