DMX Vs. The Slingshot, pt.2

blame it on Meka August 12, 2014

A few weeks ago Earl decided to ride Orlando’s Slingshot ride, and the results were… um… hilarious. Now, he tried it again and in an effort to re-establish his manhood/insanity and… well, just click play to watch. Right when they get launched into the sky you briefly see the fear in their faces though…

FOR MUSICAL DMX: DMX & Rakim – Don’t Call Me

  • Arun Gopal

    The ending where he is singing beat it tho. I’m dead.

  • Ervin Mitchell

    X need to lay off the crack….

    • Arun Gopal

      but that’s why we love him lol

      • j4ipod94

        We don’t love him coz of the crack wtf

        • Arun Gopal

          chill man it’s a joke lol

  • ATK

    Challenge: Count how many times they say the word “Nigga” in the video.

    • B1G_D

      Have a hit, every time. Of a drink.

  • Flyin_1stclass


  • mixtape wayne

    shit like this is why I don’t even turn on my tv anymore

  • Moonie

    Hey, at least he’s throwing up gang signs this time around. I’m satisfied lol

  • Corey Fontane

    X…what happened

  • JME

    I don’t know why he did it again like to proove hes hard or for fun or for publicity I really dunno loooooool should start a daily vlog or something