Joell Ortiz – House Slippers (Artwork + Tracklist)

blame it on Illy August 12, 2014

Joel Ortiz unveils the artwork and tracklisting to his upcoming album, House Slippers, arriving September 16. The 12-track project features the singles “House Slippers” and “Music Saved My Life” with B.o.B and Mally Stakz. In addition, Royce, Joey, and Crooked join Joell on the Slaughterhouse track, “Brothers Keeper.”

01. House Slippers
02. Cold World f. Lee Carr
03. Dream On
04. Music Saved My Life f. B.o.B & Mally Stakz
05. Brothers Keeper f. Royce Da 5’9″, Joe Budden & Crooked I
06. Q & A
07. Get Down
08. Say Yes f. Sahlance
09. Better Than f. Maino & Kaydence
10. Phone
11. Candy f. Mally Stakz
12. Crack Spot

House Slippers is available on iTunes for pre-order now.

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  • shake

    Damn, that’s really the cover?

    • The Don Killuminati

      Tell Eminem to pay that man.

      • shake

        I’m saying.

    • couldn’t be. has to be a joke. there is no creativity at all with this.

    • hahahahaha @dopeboySHAKE:disqus budget was not spent on the artwork omg haha

      • shake

        at all!

  • Holiday Kirk

    Album cover done by Randy down the block who swears he’s really good with the Photoshop.

    • JemPage

      LMAO fuck

  • Moonie

    Smh.. Better off using this as the cover

    • datbul

      That shit fire on the low.

    • shake


  • Black Crime Rate

    Look, Ortiz can rap but this cover is TERRIBLE.

    I’m a fan of Ortiz, and this album might be dope, but this cover has me turned off from this project already without even hearing it.

  • Black Crime Rate

    Yo Ortiz if you see this, head down to your local community college and enroll in a few classes.

    Anything design, marketing, branding, and even psychology related could really help you out. Let us know how it goes.

    • datbul


  • poetic assasin

    If it was something else many would say he was trying to be too artsy- I viewed as simplicity is still quality.. like house slippers. Many will download anyway then say he flopped. I will support unlike my usual habit of downloading

  • ATK

    You guys complianing about the cover as if its not better than every No Limit and Cash Money Records cover of the 90’s.

    We should be happy that this album didn’t leak 3 moths in advance like Free Agent did.

    • TheRealPaperKut

      It’s not the 90’s anymore. He can do better.

      • ATK

        I guess I just dont care enough. As long as the music is good…..

        But I did just look at the cover for the title track, he really could used that.

        But again, IMO, the music is all that matters.

        • TheRealPaperKut

          Yeah, but if he was a new artist, people probably wouldn’t give it a chance.

    • zamieo

      Do you know how stupid you sound when you compare it to the worst album covers of all time? It’s like comparing every song to Crank That Soulja Boy and saying “hey, at least they don’t stink THAT much”. People really have zero standards these days, even when it comes to album covers.

      • ATK

        I didnt know you come to artists for Album covers.

        BTW, they make music also.

        • YeDaTruth

          they should still take the time out to make sure the cover is right. It sets the tone for the album. A shitty cover insinuates a lack of self-awareness and/or caring about how your product is perceived.

          • ATK


    • YeDaTruth

      Both old No Limit/Cash Money covers and this album are bad, but at least the former were entertaining. There were guns, diamonds, dog houses, money, mansions, blinged out titles…… this cover just looks like he’s waiting to be called in for a job interview.

      • Guest

        This nigga just wannna see Joell’s ankles and shit. Loooool.

  • ABS


    • datbul

      ^This nigga just wannna see Joell Ortiz’s ankles and shit. Loooool.

  • xastey

    Cover worst then the old school No limit covers

  • Johnny Boy

    Ortiz looking like a good ol step dad on that cover.

    • Moonie


  • IKnowSedge

    I love Yaowa, and I guess I can see what they were going for, but did this have to be released when it was? Did they not have ONE MINUTE for revision?

    I’m personally going to use this version:

    • Guest

      Shit didn’t load. Oh well. Here it is. I’ve now spent longer writing these comments than I did fixing this cover.

      • YeDaTruth

        the minor changes made make this cover so much better. good work.

    • IKnowSedge

      Shit didn’t load. Oh well. Here it is. I’ve now spent longer writing these comments than I did fixing this cover.

      (You can use it too, if you’d like)

      • who cares

        You didn’t even change much, but it still looks 1,000 times better.

        • IKnowSedge

          Sometimes it’s hard to achieve the look you’re trying for. Maybe the person who designed the original version meant a lot to him. I.O.E.N.O.

      • triPAUD

        thank you, exactly

  • espyy

    Need another track with Just Blazei and/or Audible Doctor. Battle Cry is da shit.

  • Guest

    Thats the artwork 2dopeboyz.

  • Bil AL
  • haha I can make this with Over or Canva haha…good thing Joell is a spitter haha…my goodness. My favorite album cover of all time though…

  • New millennium Nat turner

    Yeah, it’s a very wack, low budget looking cover that any artist should be ashamed of, but let’s leave it that. You’re over analyzing if you assume that this piece of garbage cover has any implication as to what the album itself will sound like.

    • JME

      Throwaway from Our House recording sessions for some quick itunes money.. but joell throwaways prob better than the whole game.. they will say

  • triPAUD

    At the very least he should keep the font. this can’t be real. Is it me or is the pic a bit out of focus. The concept itself is fine, its the quality, and he should keep the brand consistent.

  • Genius.


    • GTFOH!

      This is WORST than that crappy Joell album.
      How is that possible??