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Premiere: Jake Lambo – 1st Period (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake August 13, 2014

Back in January we introduced you to a young talent out of Atlanta by the name of Jake Lambo. Since then, we’ve seen him release a variety of freestyles, show out on B.o.B’s No Genre 2 mixtape, and even dropped a couple music videos.

Today, the DopeHouse is proud to premiere Jake’s brand new project, 1st Period. A collection of past freestyles, combined with a couple original tracks, ready for your listening pleasure.

Stream/download below.

  • Lil buddy


  • Ralphie Got Da Strap

    Ill wait for the comments…….

    • Lil buddy

      so you let what other ppl think determine what you decide to do? smh

      • Ralphie Got Da Strap

        Not at all, but Ive only heard him on BoBs mixtape and he didnt stick out so Id like to get a generalized opinion on his abilities before possibly wasting my time being disappointed with mediocre rhymes over overplayed beats.

        • Lil buddy

          after watching his videos I’m excited to hear more. Doesn’t sound like mediocre nonsense so far. I like what I’m hearing

  • B Rich

    Dope!! He is going to be a great one

  • Hugh G. Dickson

    “with the quickness” why not just use “fast” jeezuz the things ppl do to try and seem cool. SMH

    • JME

      Hes a blogger. It get’s boring as a writer to type the same thing over and over again and to the audience too.

  • Ervin Mitchell

    He’s a good rapper but some reason nothing about him stands out. It’s like I’ve heard every line he spits on other songs.

  • Boris

    This shit mediocre.

  • AmIDickRidingyet

    he goes over the most overplayed beats with the most boring raps. wack

  • fonzo517

    hes not bad but I cant see myself listenin to a lot of his stuff. well at least not this tape but maybe if I heard some original junts itd change my mind

  • Da Hill

    This kids future is bright. His rhymes have substance unlike the 95% B.S playing on the air ways today. Reminds me of a young Lupe, with southern swag.

    • Spike Spiegel

      SIKE BOY

    • Ervin Mitchell

      Young Lupe? Nigga you krazy

  • MasternAaron Dank

    Super impressed by this youngin’…. so refreshing. It’s kids like him, BADASS, and Chance that will carry the hip hop torches down the road.

    • Ervin Mitchell

      Did you really compare this nigga to Chance and Badass???? smh

  • realavance

    Solid verses, but I don’t see any verse that particularly stood out to me. Maybe an original mixtape will change my mind.

    • MasternAaron Dank

      agreed. nothing in particular gripped me, but his skill is apparent. I think the creativity will develop as he matures…