Lil Wayne Reveals ‘Tha Carter V’ Artwork, Release Date

blame it on Meka August 14, 2014

Earlier today, Wayne appeared on ESPN’s “First Take” after his Connecticut Connecticut tour stop to, among other things, announce that his next album, the fifth installment of his Tha Carter series – powered by the singles “Krazy,” “Grindin’” and “Believe Me” – will drop on October 28th.

Thoughts on the cover?

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  • Arun Gopal

    The covers recently have not been that good…

    • What was wrong with C4?

      • Arun Gopal

        Nah I’m talking the past few weeks with all rap album covers lol. I probably coulda phrased that better.

  • Quasi.OG

    Ehh could be a lot better…..Damn that nigga look like his momma

    • datbul

      Real talk I thought that was a dude in the pic…

  • grooviest q

    young money on that shitty photoshop grind! like damn look at rise of an empire artwork too…

  • mixtape wayne

    damn nigga cant even be on the album cover by himself

  • ATK

    Just leak the interludes already. That’s all we care about.

    • MusicHead

      He only did that feature interlude type shit on Carter 4..the others were just him eating.

  • Guest

    I like this cover better.

    • Trill Cosby

      Much better.

    • datbul

      A lot of rappers don’t understand the concept of Minimalism.

      • Shapey

        Fuck ur minimalism, but nah you should check out Pyrimids, A Brand Management Co.. They’d hook these niggas up right?

      • nah

        I agree with you but I don’t think it applies to this situation. Also the hip hop fans don’t typically appreciate minimalism. This dude is trying to sell albums not create a piece of art, ha.

        • datbul

          Fair enough. But hip hop has shown an appreciation for it in recent years. For example, the rumored original ‘Carter V’ cover posted in this very thread. And a lot of mixtape covers that just have the song title in elegant yet simple fonts against solid or semi-solid backgrounds.

  • Music

    Nah to this..I think Tha Carter 1 and 2 covers are probably the best to date

  • biff tannen

    This shitty cover Is appropriate for the music he’s released so far.

  • thatrandomguy

    Man, the guy responsible for Wayne’s art direction needs to step his game up!

  • HerringKingOfArt

    Shit looks mad unprofessional lmfao.

  • ` k. ▲┊rip † Lue

    I prefer this one … @ksinfamous

    • ` k. ▲┊rip † Lue

      The best one

  • ` k. ▲┊rip † Lue

    Carter V

  • fonzo517

    I thought we were off this type shit for covers…guess not

  • Carter North

    Respect the legend

    • disqus_xpmwx1oUV3

      Who is the bitch as your avi?

  • Jordan

    If you go by the covers, he’s devolving…

  • ForeverWePush

    Nothing can top the level of bad that joell’s album cover achieved but this is bad nonetheless

  • datbul

    Shit trash…

  • datbul

    Would look a lot better without his mom in it. She looks like she was superimposed into the pic for some reason.

  • MusicHead

    These are even better.

  • alsdfj

    Carter 2 was the best album and best cover.

    • Dat nigga

      Agreed. That was like the full embodiment of a rap star. Can’t find a better rap album cover.

  • Poop McFart

    Why the hate? This is an album cover with the artist and his mom, and it’s going to sell around 600k to 1 million copies in the first week. He’s giving his mom some credit…plus it stands out since it’s clearly photoshopped so raw

    and those artworks posted are cool, but cool doesn’t last like showing some respect and appreciation does

    • Dat nigga

      Give this man featured comment, 2dbz.

  • Poop McFart

    nikki minaj posts artwork in a thong, wiz blowing out smoke(both also photoshopped they all are these days)- people love it

    dude chillin with his mom as a youngster- screw this ishhh

    • Frank Kennedy

      It’s not the content of the cover that’s bad. It’s just the cover itself is just bad. The red background and glowing circles make no sense. And the picture is just random as hell. What does it have to do with the music that’s been released so far? Meh

      • Dat nigga

        Wtf? Who thinks like that? Shit look dope to me. How is it random as hell? It’s not a random black woman and child. It’s Wayne and his momma! If you need reason and context, it can show that the nigga came from being raised by a single mother in New Orleans and became the biggest rockstar of our generation. Carried a whole label on his back and hardwork; “it don’t take four niggaz to get straight, the only hot boy eating off this plate.” And created the huge pop star drake for all the drake stans. Everybody a fuckin critic.

  • DIesel

    Was this one designed by Donda too… nobody wondered

  • Jay Daniels

    The cover is doper than expected. Has a 90’s feel to it.



  • Bil AL

    haha I think we have a few graphic designers in the c-section

  • L-O

    I really hope this is his last project … good lord that artwork …

  • Yeah, definitely go ahead and resubmit that artwork, God that is horrendous

  • That must’ve been early Wayne I don’t remember him looking like that without tats, that must be the pre-Hot Boyz era Wayne

  • A simple red V would be way better, all white background on the only writing is in red saying “Lil Wayne’s Carter V”